Monday, July 20, 2020

Virus in my Phone

Virus walked into my phone
Caused sore throat, silent chat
It lay helplessly by my side
Too weak to make a stand
Fifteen days more to go
Me, my phone in lockdown
I looked for a book to read
Or a spiritual hymn to chant
But hardly had an hour passed
Missed I my virtual cloud
What s new in my social land
Craved I to understand
Reviewed the days of no cyber net
Survive I did for years
Honing on my other interests
Hobbies, travel, writing on pads
Well stocked I was in my house
With needles threads and hooks
Paint brushes, canvas, pencils , paints
These all were my best friends
Everything had faded away
Since media filled those gaps
Addiction is hard to avoid
When you are on virtual stands
Online I read everything, Newspaper, recipes, pranks
Inspired by work, interests, goals
That are posted by my friends
With phone in lockdown mode
No cough, sneeze just flu
Cut off I am, from outer world
Know not what do.I do
There has to be some solution
Cannot stay alone by me self
Great are people who march for retreats
Meditate to find themselves
I find myself in my links
My family my groups, my friends
They send me messages night and day
To cheer me when I am clanked
I walk toward my desktop screen
To consult my Google friend
With trials and errors, clicks here and there
For some medication research
There is a remedy for every illness
I only need to understand
And lo behold , after few hours
I finally find a snap
My head is heavy
My eyes are strained
At staring on the screen too long
But learnt I did, to reboot my sick machine
It's healthy once again...

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Thank U for this award
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