Monday, April 30, 2012


I tried to sing today
The same tune that we crooned yesterdays
There was no life
Did you take that warmth away with you?

The words flowed easily,
Cascading memories, sliding one over another
But the images were blurred
Do you have the negatives with you?

There was rhythm in the music
But my heart did not bleat
It stood still
Do you know the tempo to that tune?

If you decide to come over this side
Bring back those notes
I need to re-wrap my body for eternity

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Platform Challenge: Day 2

Today’s Goals

Short term plan
Wake up early, brush my teeth
Wash my face, have my tea
Showered and dressed, go to coffee shop
Meet the professional web designer who is on top
Share notes with her to polish my site
Walk to post office to extract the cash
Long time, It’s frozen in the bank
Buy some clothes and pair of shoes
Walk down the street to have some meals
One more errant I have to do for a friend
Check her house to see all is well
Pay her bills, check the lights
Warn her maid to clean her house
Come back home and check my mails
Maybe snooze in the middle of the day
Evening might, go visit a friend
To check if she is fine and well
Stricken with cancer, I am told
But brave she is, now on medication
Home bound now, doesn’t walk on the road
Come back home and back to work
To complete my book that’s now a bore

Long term plan
Build a stronger bond with my friend.

Monday, April 02, 2012

caferati: CaPoWriMo 3.01

caferati: CaPoWriMo 3.01

April PAD Challenge - Sestina

From night to day, she read his verse
Loved random stranger on network site
His chats was long and full of heat
She glowed from warmth, basked in joy
Even crept closer to his emotional bytes
Across thousand miles, she found a friend

Soon, born was the desire to meet this friend
For a book launch, invited he, to hear his verse
She had cherished his poems on bytes
Excitedly, she invited her offline friends on site
To meet this stranger and share her joy
Whom she never truly knew but felt the heat

In the middle of the afternoon, in scotching heat
They set out to meet her online friend
Famous and popular was he, they felt the joy
At hearing him on live, as he read his verse
He basked in fame, waved at crowd at the site
But expressions were unreal, so were his sound bytes

He was indifferent, not so warm like on bytes
His tone was cold, in his words, no heat
Stood nervously, unsure of herself at the site
Failed he to acknowledge her as a friend
Even though she recited, over and over, all his verse
He stared at her, his face devoid of joy

Rejected, lonely she felt no joy
Saw the caravan of lies under the cloud of bytes
Was that just random chats of unstring verse
Carelessly marching thoughts without any heat
No way was this expected of a friend
Whom she had loved each day on twitter site

She un-friended him from social site
In offline real friend she found more joy
Whom she met, touched, he was true friend
In virtual world, there are just bytes
In real world, there is much warmth and heat
Life is smooth with pleasant verse

Search no friend on network sites
In emotional verse there be some joy
But on virtual bytes there breeds no heat.

More Nonsense Verse

You cheat on me everyday
I have decided
no more tests for you
keep her, I need to rest
I have realized
you don't brush your teeth everyday

Your dog climbed the steps
fell off on a beer bottle
how careless can you be
to bring a drunkard for coffee
who walks on just two paws
Leaving footsteps on my lawn
Go away,
There is no mad hatter party

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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