Monday, June 30, 2008

Take me back, Please!

My dearest love, it is almost dawn
Will you be back? Its been so long
Are you really, really mad at me
For being with your friend in my pink nightie
In early hours of that fateful day
When you had walked in and watched him sway?

There is something that I have to say. Yes!
He had stayed back but for only a day
Trust me, he knows, I wear your ring
Would we ever do any stupid thing?
He helps me with jobs that are heavy for me
During your long, long absence from home at sea

That fateful moment before you arrived
Having lost my keys, I was stranded at night
I called for help from my white mobile
He brought the tools to clear my plight
He followed me in for my security
And waited a while for a warm coffee

We chatted for long and didn’t realize
When clock chimed three, it was late, late night
I lent him your shorts and then changed mine
He slept on the couch in the hall. So quiet!
You trust him, don’t you? He is your buddy
Could we do anything that would be muddy?

My fingers are sore from punching hard
Did you read my SMS’s and my desperate calls?
I know you can’t be angry, not for long
So shed you precious pride and come along
Come back, my darling, I am missing you
Will bake a cake, and freeze ice-creams too

Friday, June 20, 2008


Pipes are choked with air and dust
Water trickles down the spout
Dropping its lazy drops
I slap the tap, block the spout,
Thrust my fore finger into its mouth
Then suddenly,
The water emerges angrily through the spout
Splashing on my face and blouse
I am late again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Touching my lazy soul
Stimulating a broken thought
Poetry flows down my veins
Reviving me to another muse

I am left fumbling,
Collecting the scattered words
To fix them into
A proper message for you

So much easier it was
To pluck the words
From poetic inspiration
And weave them into
A fine tapestry of tunes

You would read between lines
and framed them up
with rhythm and sounds
in your favorite room

Monday, June 16, 2008

My dog – Rex

“Can you give a bath to Rex? I have to attend a kitty party and I am running late.” said my wife

“Why should I give bath to Rex, he is your dog, so you do it” I said

“Now don’t you start all over again. There is nothing that is solely ‘yours’ or ‘mine’. Everything is ‘ours’. We share everything. Remember? So, Rex is your dog too.” Said my wife

“Yes, we do share everything but, that is limited to housework and money only. I cannot take your dog’s responsibilities too. I didn’t want him here in the first place but you have brought him here stubbornly into my house.” I said

“Shuush! Talk softly. You will hurt his feelings and if he feels unwanted here, he will go into depression.” Said my wife

“Don’t you shuush me. It is me who is going through depression. He watches 'Animal Planet' show on my TV, he sleeps on my side of the bed and most nights I am sleeping on the sofa.” I said

“Oh Honey! Sofa is so comfortable. You shouldn’t be complaining.” Said my wife

“Complaining? Am I? I am warning you. I don’t like to see you wasting so much money on dogs’ birthday parties or taking him for grooming in those expensive beauty parlors.” I said

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Money spend on Rex is not wasted, my dear. What is the use of working so hard and earning if we cannot spend it wisely? I think, you are plain jealous of Rex. You don’t understand, he has many friends out there. He needs to look good when I take him for walks by the sea shore. It boosts his ego.” Said my wife

*Ding Dong*

“Can you answer the door-bell Honey? Who is it?” said my wife

“It is a food parcel. Did you order butter chicken from Taj Intercontinental?” I said

“Oh yes. Has it arrived? It is for Rex.” said my wife.

“Rex, Rex. Come here Baby; Look what Mama gets for you?

“You like butter chicken, don’t you?”

“Come baby come. Eat it. It is good.”


“See what you have done. You see that? Rex is very upset and now he won’t eat. Are you happy now?” Said my wife

“Ummnph! I wish he would learn to read the script. He would know then, what he was missing.” I said

*Growl…Sure, I can read the script maan.. it says t-a-j-i-n-t-e-r-c-o-n-t-i-n-e-n-t-a-l. I can smell it too and I know that it is a great place to eat and butter chicken is its specialty. But still, I will not eat, unless you agree to give me a bath…..woof!*

Monday, June 09, 2008

One more Birthday.... Again....

Young at heart, it matters not
what age I be on my next big day

Year after year
I have smiled along,
and seen the world pass me by

Till 10 I would count and was thrilled each year
eager I was to reach my teens
I faked about my age to gate crash a scene
I lied to stay young, at thirty that was mean

but at 40 I stopped, counting my age
the mirror on the wall refused to lie
now i just count the wrinkles on my face
watch myself grow with renewed grace

young at heart it matters not
what age I be on my next big day
I shall blow just one candle
and watch myself age
I dread to turn my life's next page.

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Thank U for this award
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