Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Hunger Pangs at Midnight

In the middle of the night, 
hunger pangs set in

Dinner was six hours ago
It was light and crispy
It was quite filling
But that was six hours ago
Its dark night out there
No vendors on the street
Dinner plates washed and dried on the shelf
Where do I go
Who will cook for me
All friends asleep
In wrinkled pajamas or nightie
Empty tummy simply roars
Food, give food, it groans
Bare foot I slowly walk
To the kitchen
To scan for mid night snack
Behind the door
Roasted peanuts with salt and pepper
A stale garlic bread in the fridge
Oh, and there is kurkure, onion chips
And also there is cold Jalebi
There is cheese
There are chocolates
Some hazel nuts
Oh there is cake
with cream and walnut
There are eggs
There is bread
There are left over shreds
There are apricots
There are dried berries
There is tomato juice
Also ole wine
Its middle of night
Soon there will be twilight
Should I eat
Should I drink
Should I cook
Should I feast
Or simply
go back to sleep

Trapped Outside The Door

Its a crazy feeling
when you get shut out
from your own house
Ten seconds after you bang 
your main door 
You realise you don't have the door key

You repent 
why you never trusted 
your neighbour with an  extra pair
Now you sit 
outside your home 
with your face 
buried under your hands

What to do
What to do
Should I break the door
Spoil the facade
Of my perfect door
There will be stains
There will be cracks
The damage will ruin my door

Oh why did I forget
The main keys of my door

Brave Chef

I will cook today
says he 
rolling up his sleeve
Oh no I scream
under my breath
Soft prayer pass
Gently through my chest
Are you serious
Are you free
Have you finish reading
The paper
That arrived this morning
Move woman
Says he
Need no sermons from you
Kitchen is my forte
I will churn out tasty lunch
He puts on the sports channel
Cricket come alive
Sharpens all the knives
Apron by his side
Happy I am
To be free
to attend to other chores
Wardrobe needs
Book shelf needs a shine
Should I
Check my e mail
Tweet or blog
Update my profile picture
Or maybe just relax
Where is bottle of chili sauce
The walls vibrate with his whine
Will you help with peeling
Rest of work I will do it fine
I hear the loud thud of fridge door
Something dropped on the floor
Oh man
He has no talent
Such simple task
Wont perform
Chopping peeling washing
None done with free twirl of hand
I enter strange kitchen
Napkins spread on the floor
Onion peels everywhere
Slippery greasy door
Oh god
He just added
Tooth paste
into the pot
Mint flavor
he chirps
His eyes begin to roll
He is bold
He is brave
Cooks like adventurer
Into the taste unknown
Exploring new flavors
Of sweet , sour, bitter
Uses strangest ingredients
Cooking on his own
Toothpaste, orange squash
Coffee powder
Lemon leaves or gourd
Used spoons dipped into pot
Back in his mouth, he holds
Stew may turn out
good or bad
But recipe
he must tell
Willingly he set the table
Maybe invite a friend
Plates neatly arranged
We seat to share
Ears plugged to
Food stories
Of his travel that be stored
He will rant about his skill
Of how he learnt to fry
He watches my first bite
Traces my act with his eyes
smile glows brightly on his face
Deepens his forehead lines
Hows that
You like it?
This is the best dish you must have ever had

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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