Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life is like that only... part 3

Eyes burn, blistered by the smoke, fire is everywhere, surrounded by laughter and song, women circle the bonfire with sweets and happy wishes and then, there is splash of colorful madness and eveybody giggles with festive air, a colorful festival of Holi begins, family rejoice the pleasurable moments.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life is like that only... part 2

What we learned was never what we were suppose to: It just exposed us to bitter truth, a smile of complex meanings, and living in the shadows of hopeless hope

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life is like that only... part 1

When I was looking for love, I was looking for peace, didn't know that they lived on the opposite directions and no friendship existed between them

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vodaphone, I am unhappy with you

Twenty five times I came to your desk
From cabin to cabin, I pleaded with your man
"Set my phone, check my bill
Have installed BB, want connection to my tone"

Your man in uniform only smile
Behind that mask, there is thick blank line
How can you explain if you not too sure?
Your tactics of customer satisfaction are quite poor.

Once upon a time, a pre-paid line I had
Just recharged my phone, Rs200 was fine
But Blackberry
Brought me to your front door
Pre-paid to post paid
You made me buy one more
Now I have two mo-lines, both post paid. Alas!
Poorer by fifteen grands, cash running fast
You are not clear with your hidden cost
You shock me, I am sorry, it’s so gross

In this competitive world, I can see
You want to survive, but I don't believe
You want to beat Aircel, Tata Docomo
And even exploit their private zone
But your ‘Happy to Help’ logo merely shrills
Doesn’t give me any friendly thrills
Such cumbersome interaction
doesn't please me a fraction
You fool common man online and in person

Can you hear me scream
I am terribly bored, I want to be released

I don't wish to rhyme
I have no time
I want my money back

You can take back your
Both post-paid lines.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love-less Day

Once more, on these V days
The wind walks in through my window,
All alone
I pretend that I care no more,
There is no love in the air,
Parched are the thoughts
Under currents of hate
Fire burns the streets,
Power rules,
Egos glare from every threshold,
Unsecured emotions,
Hide under the skin.
Patience lay cuddled under silent rugs,
Blocking loud voices beyond stubborn walls,
You may un-friend me this time
I will not stray

This Valentine day,
Love shall sleep all day.

Friday, February 05, 2010

What If.....

What if Sena behaved themselves and
prepared some soups
of sanity
We could live life, king size, colorful style,
and savor the sips
of equality
We would readily embrace the rules of trade
and even learn some
If they didn’t crush us, beat our souls,
we would help, punch head
of instability.
Mumbai, a common umbrella for all;
we could breathe the life
of quality
Together we could grab the stars and the moon
and bathe in the world
of glitterati
Mumbai City, Spiritual Master to all,
be it Bihari, Sikh or
Why waste our breath in idle chatter
when we could be discussing
We have cultured
our expressions,
mixed curry
Street food,
very tasty,
be it Vada Pav
or Pani Puri
In crowded trains,
we create space,
squeezing thin,
always in hurry
At every signal
we shop crazy,
be it inky quill
in words blurry
Tears stirred 
with laughter, sing,
vibrate at
every thrill
Weather too,
never scorching
our tender skin
We walk freely
at all hours
be it morn or
late nights
On our left side,
is the mansion,
and the slums,
on our right
If only Sena
could be our friends,
we could create the magic
till eternity
something’s wrong
with our Mumbai city
It's mocking our
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