Monday, March 29, 2021

On My Own In Pandemic

 Time passes by

I have learnt to sit inside four walls of my house

The only long walk I take, is no more in parks
but on my 8th floor
From the window touching my bed,
passing through my bathroom door, kitchen, living room,
to lobby outside my main door,
passing through three lift
till the opposite closed room no 804
and back again.
Enough exercise for the day
is to complete six rounds.
Sometimes might walk down
to seventh floor and climb up again.
With me as my sole company,
I have learnt to argue with me,
I rest against my soft pillow
close to the window
and watch the sky change colors
during the day
from light blue to dark blue to pitch dark
with twinkling diamonds on cloudless nights
Greedy crows visit me
only if I have
bread to share.
On the days when I am generous
I offer them mithai or crumbled fruit.
Friends I had once upon a time,
I recognise them no more.

Food has been my savior.
My daily normal food has suddenly got exotic.
English vocabulary puns behind my cheeks.
Stale curd is now greek chilled yoghurt.
Palak is local greens,
chappattis are tortillas,
fried potatoes -french fries,
rolled up roti with left over food is wraps.
I buy fruits from farms
all the way from Tons Valley at Uttrakhand,
those hilly regions of north east India.
I am supporting farmers who protest on the street.
I tweet my support in 140 characters
My linen pyjamas with floral design
are ordered from Surat.
I invite my family to buy the same designs
and we party on booth camps,
each one us chomping
on same menu
of samosas and
mint chutney and
cup of Adrak Wali Chai.
Netflix and prime videos
have replaced cable network,
radio FM keeps the silence away,
Endless podcast,
zoom on, google meets,
turn the needles of my wall clock
I find no time to read,
words overflow from pages of book
begging for attention
Did you get Vaccine?
Are you still alive?
Next building is sealed with 13-15 new cases,
the most intelligent talk of the town
are conversation on taking precautions,
as if you don't know.
Time passes by
I have learnt to sit inside four walls of my house
May be an image of indoor


Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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