Monday, July 20, 2020

My Friends And I

A scar on my leg
A raw scraped skin,
I limp to answer the doorbell
Friends walk in with cooked meals
There is fried rice, some spring rolls
And veggies in sour sauce
Food, always an excuse
For us to meet
We eat, we chat
Pain goes to sleep
Its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze
Some days are dull
When pain puts you off to deep sleep,
the moon waits
Shining behind the window pane
Till strength come back
Unknown to the world
U lay on bed, uncaring
Too weak to move
To breathe in the fresh air
Although its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze
There is chatter of kids
Out in the lane below
Loud sound of Azaan
From mosque close by
its time for prayers
Some beeps of cars
A moving traffic
A crazy motorcyclist
Zooming by
We sit by window
My friends and I
Love is in the air
Its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze

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Thank U for this award
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