Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fragments of Memories

Today I cut into pieces the memories of you
They are scattered all over in the room
I am walking over them 
they sting under my soles
Some stubbornly cling
At the edge of my skirt
Unwilling to be carried away in the dustpan
That memory that was so difficult to forget
Even in its tattered fragment,
It tugs at my heart
reminding me
that all is not lost
some memories
refuse to fade away

Believe In Me

You said you believed in me
I wouldn't let you down
Do you remember those late nights
many summers ago
board games we played
guessing word perhaps
I had cheated
on a sly I peeped for answers
just to give you an impression
that I was intelligent, smart
You applauded
but I was miserable
I had betrayed your trust
although it was just a game
couldn't look into a mirror again, till
on bleeding heart
I made a cross
I would never let you down.

My Guiding Light

You may be intelligent or stupid, 
only you know the truth.
 Age does not matter, 
you may be just a child. 
But there is someone out there 
who is watching your every move, 
clinging to the every word you speak, 
wants to fit into your shoes, 
someone out there admires you, 
wants to ape you, 
is inspired by you. 
You are their guide, 
their shining light..
there is something beyond intelligence
 that inflences them..
its the love in your heart 
that reflects from your eyes
.its the smile 
that makes you look so bright...

In solitude

I often retreat to my own private island
Block myself from the mainland
Sit I in solitude reading my thoughts
Undisturbed by outside world
The peace i get from blowing wind 
Of the happy times spent in bliss
Its is just me, n my pleasant memories
Under the friendly clouds we sit

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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