Thursday, July 02, 2020

A2Z April Challenge Y is For Yellow

Y is for Yellow
Days have transformed from yellow to grey
Routine is a distant dream
We ran like an athlete
To reach 9:10am fast train
Had friendly chat with familiar faces everyday
For strangers we had smiles
On our return trip at 5pm
We saw them peeling peas,
Or scaling garlic in the train compartment
Some of them knitted booties
Some sang Bollywood songs
Some simply dozed throughout their train ride.
Life has changed its course
Work comes home
Through cyber space
At any odd hours
You juggle with household chores before you can finish your office assignment of the day.
Always angry is the boss
Who makes too many demands
Understands not the woes of family members
Clustered together all hours of the day
And night
Everybody seeking their own space.
Always hungry
Mobile phones click notifications
Work schedules confused
Day and night is the same
Nobody watches the clock anymore
Miss those moments when dawn shafts pierced steam.
The day would start with musical note of happiness.
The sun appeared at horizon
Its warm yellow rays filtered through tinted glass windows
Bringing sunshine and vibrancy in moods
Working from home and working at workplace is not the same.
It never was.
Y is for 'Yellow"

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