Thursday, July 02, 2020

A2Z April Challenge X is for Xerox

X is for Xerox
They came back today
Both father and son
Cured at last
Of Covid19
But in isolation for fifteen days
At home they would be
Shilpa, the neighbor
She sees
Under the vitamin D sun
Tranquil whirlwind
Breezy lashes of the trees
None went out to greet.
No warm reception
On their return from death
Or so it seemed
Silence in the air
Except the sound
Of footsteps on wooden floor
Shilpa locked her door
First concern was safety
She sat to type
Words don't come easy
When mind is in despair
Zealous praises stretched to heaven
Thanking God
That it was not she
Nor her loved ones
No neighbors called for updates
It wasn't a juicy gossip
Everyone with xerox copy of significance collected in the photo studio of mind
Same expression of fear
Same queries
Was the treatment complete?
Will the normalcy return?
'Breaking News'
She types.
X is for 'Xerox"

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Thank U for this award
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