Friday, May 20, 2016


Suicide 1

I want to commit suicide
Walk over to a different world
Natural death might take me to heaven
But suicide is a sure shot hell
Send me a poison
You experimenting with
I am willing to taste
Much corruption now,
Every product adulterer
Always disappointing
Were I to die
Famous you could be
For having reached a new milestone
of producing better stuff
World would rejoice
For having product
That really kills
A suicide note
I will leave
with poison name
that works

Suicide note 2
If you find me still
No breath under my chest
Understand I am gone
Dont panic
And thrust me in an ambulance
Like pizza in the oven
Stay cool
I have my will neatly
Filed and folded
In the lower
Shelf of kitchen cabinet

Some recipes, tried and tested
Few bottles of sauces, herbs
Steel pots and pans, brand new 
Up in the loft, they stand
Had even bought ceramic knives
Thought I would use some day
You inherit them all
Its my parting gift for you

Cooked Briyani sits in fridge, 
Feast for those who may come to mourn
Few pickles that will last 
Few days or maybe months
You may taste them all
But remember to clean up 
After you are done
The maid may not return
She too ate the poison that you wanted to experiment on me

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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