Thursday, March 14, 2019

Missed Turn

My Visit To Beas

Last week I went to heaven
"Deposit your mobile before you enter the gates"- they said
It seemed unrealistic to me
to survive without any contact with outside world
hundreds of message would go unread
videos and forwards, jokes and chats
What if there was an emergency?
would the day follow night and the night proceed?
I thought I was indispensable, orphan, lost.
But the choice had to be made
to select the best
with heavy heart, I peeled off my android, I shed my fears
bare and unprotected, I entered gates of heaven
The air was crisp, weather cold
sun peeped sometimes behind heavy clouds.
Dressed in layers I walked alone 
through long, wide roads, not a speck of dirt
clean empty streets, manicured trees
beige lacy walls, red and white bricks
uniform architecture as far as eyes could see
dotted with different shades of greens
Positivity and praise of lord on every leaf
there is in universe just one theme
call him by Allah, Ram, or any name,
All sermons said - search within
see the light, follow the sound
drop off cloak of ego, anger, pride
walk with confidence and with faith
To reach your goal
cleanse your soul
Days were spent on long green bench
listening to stories, some mystics, some sad
people, young and old, from all walks of life
each bend from heavy cross on shoulders of their own
no man is perfect, nobody spared
happiness and stress, health and wealth
uneven distribution of karma in life that is fair
Days continued to follow night
Messages in my mobile must lay in pile
I was free, like a stream, I went with the flow
no distraction, no detours
not a minute was I bored
As a special guest, I imagined some chimes
Miracles happened each time
comfortable bed
Tasty food
systematic management of every kind
This was the heaven on earth, a spiritual respite.
Beas, a gated colony
where my spiritual Guru resides

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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