Sunday, November 06, 2011

Tweet, but me no friend, you hear that....

Tweet! Tweet!
“Follow me
For you I tweet
Might rock and roll with you
My outstretched hands,
If you see it thus
Do hi-fi and touch me too”

Tweet! Tweet!
But Nah!
Listen my friend
If never have we met
This greetings is not for you
Tweets are good
For strange pretty birds
Who play the music
Like a flute

Tweet! Tweet!
Oh yeah!
Friendly I was
Once to a distant country man
With a twisted tongue
He tweeted bravely
Knowing it was impossible to meet

Tweet! Tweet!
Can't be a serious tweeter
Who just tweets
A phrase or two
With a lacy words
“I love you”
Oh! We say so many a times

But this bloke was a weird, old man
Who hung on every tweet I made

Tweet! Tweet!
He surprised me once
Stood outside my door and smiles
“Hey, I am your friend from tweet, tweet world,
To meet you I have travelled thousand miles

Tweet! Tweet!
Closely I looked at him
This shaky older man,
With baldy head and broken teeth
He stretched his frail, shaky hands
And squeezed the life off me

Tweet! Tweet!
Go away!
I can’t be talking to you
You ain't that same tweet-friend
A clever man, I know
His wit swirls me like
and transports me to fantasy

Tweet! Tweet!
It's me,
I tell no lies,
You follow me like
 I follow you
You be surprised. Why?
It's me, your friend
Your tweeting pal
May I step into your house?”

Tweet! Tweet!
No sir, er…
Please sir, No
Sorry, you can’t be walking
Into my home
My tweeting world is
A make-believe world
With real world
Don’t coincide.

Tweet! Tweet!
It's really
Just a social club
No real friends
I make online

Move on, go
Back to your own
Virtual zone

Can't chat with you,

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Thank U for this award
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