Monday, October 30, 2017



After the fornight of activity
Cleaning, washing, repairing the broken things at house
Clearing up the clutter of confused minds
Days just sweep by
Celebrating the festival of lights
Much too much activity
For tender bones to align
Friends family togatherness
Joy and delight
Festival drained off my energy
Nothing interests me now
Sitting point blank for hours
Staring at nothingness
I am lazy tonite

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Silent Diwali Night

Silent night
Diwali lights
Wishes on watsapp
No neighbors call
Sugar scare
Chocolates rare
Of nuts and raisins
Dates if you dare
Colorful mithai
Nobody shares
Where is the rangoli
Laterns, oil lamp
Where are the children
Their thrill, their claps
Running from loud bang
Playing with sparklers
Throwing hand bombs
Or noisy toy guns
Its just shopping
Crowded lanes
Traffic jams
People on the streets
Going nowhere
Eating junk food
Pizza, hambuggers
No festive spirit
No spending quest
Just silent nights
With blinking lights
Grandparents lonely
No festival to share.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Unloved

Valentine day depart with grace
People return to normal self
Love now wrapped in silken thread
Sits on shelf,  lips scratched

Baby howls, there is no bread
Mother runs house to shack
Greedy world wont leave her alone
Must pay a price for favor done
Where is love? A passion flower
For every bloom, desires lust

Murderers plague the city streets
Leaders accept bribe and gifts
Orphans roam naked, confused
Officers bully with ego, pride
Where does one go?
One has no home
Heaven hates you
Justice flawed

Love is such a tricky game
Freedom squeezed
Breathless, lame
You are mine, I am truly yours
Emotions entangled to suffocation

Pure love simply cease to exist
Eye for eye
Kiss for kiss
In this world of empty cliches
There is nothing but
A twist of verse

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fever Gone

The fever slowly creeps away
bringing in the relief
and to return back to routine

Fever was a strong guest
choked me to silence
for two full days
Vocal expressions remained unsaid
Sun continued to shine
Flowers bloomed too
But thoughts bottled up
congesting up my throat
like choked-up-sink
unable to shriek.

Too weak to move to kitchen to cook
friends and family came to rescue
Puffed stuffed bread, tomato chutney
Soft cooked rice, spicy potatoes mashed
a chicken curry, a boiled egg
on healthy days, a perfect meal
But fever left me in no mood to eat
Food forced down the throat

Days spend curled up in bed
trying different home remedies
warm water gargling N times a day
with turmeric and salt
but stubborn fever would not leave
till antibiotic appeared

The fever slowly creeps away
bringing in the relief
Its time to return back to routine
and sit on working desk

Series of Poems on Quote dot In part 1-8

Sleep on Valentine Day

Lovely day to sleep
While love makes a trip
All over the universe
Declaring affection
In truest sense
With flowers
Golden ring
May their love shine
For ever
Like it is expressed today
Aping the bollywood scene
With song, dance and
borrowed verse
Lenghy poems
Of somebody else
I snooze on this day
Will be refreshed
With new energy
To spread my passion
For the rest of the year
Telling people
In action not words
Of how much I care
And I will mean it
For selected few
You know Who...
Happy Valentine Day
Shine on.....

Rose Day

A month of Love has just begun
I received your rose
with prickly thorns for Rose Day
while thorns brought tears
a drop of blood
it was the fragrance from rose that
Blew away the curse
Love is not just “Lust”
you wrote in a note
between man and a woman
or between man and man
Pure is love, a care, a concern
like bundle of cotton
soft and fluff
Grieve not you wrote
when love is asleep
a space is a must
for wind to flow
soon it will awaken
with freshen zeal
love does bloom after
knowing its depth
What do I know of love
My friend?
For me, they are just words
Plucked from pages of scraps

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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