Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Beginning

The End.
Comes in our life many times
We begin to understand things and decide to change our path. 
We leave behind the memories of moments that broke our heart 
We begin to love again. 
Time moves on..
Time doesn't stop
Time doesnt fly away to distant land.
Time stays,
Reminding us of what we gained
What we lost
Leaving behind a trail
Linking us to the life lessons
We record everyday.
We move on
Each year making new resolutions
Hoping the future will be better
We live differently
With new horizon
With new mindset
But destiny decides
Moments slipping through our fingers
We follow the path,
Towards light of knowledge and hope,
Knowing not where it leads
We arrive
To another dead end
Once more
We choose a goal
To find happiness
To walk on new path again

Monday, December 29, 2014

Gloomy Day

Even though she didnt work in their house anymore, her eyes glistened with tears when she learnt about his death. She immediately rushed to their house to confirm. 

The children, now adults themselves, gave her a hug and started to share the pictures of their family. She waited eagerly to know the cause of death but it was too painful to discuss. 

Seventeen years she had worked for the family..had known all the secrets..their sufferings and their accomplishments..but today, while they waited for the last rites, all they could tell her was about the one month old baby, his first grandchild, and how she had brightened his last days of his life....

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas My Christian Friend

Merry Christmas
My Christian friend
Much joy you bringst
To my life
Your fruity cake, very nice.
Thank you
Take a bow
The sounds of christmas
Carols, Wow!
Outside my door
They sing
Happy I am to be
your new neighbor
I hear
Much laughter
From your floor
Festivity is in the air
Twinkling lights everywhere
Fragrance of love
Friendship, smiles
Joy, happiness and much more
This year I will celebrate it too
I shopped for brand new dress
Hindu friends invited at my home
All dressed in red and gold
So while you celebrate
Christmas the Christian way
Blessings from Jesus Christ
Watch me celebrate with pride
With similar happiness
Like you
Merry Xmas!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Help In Distress

All I have to do is ask
For help
When in distress
But then
I never ask for help
How to?
In the busy world
People are stuck
in traffic jam
Or have their eyes fixed
On scheduled time
Trains get missed
From steady job dismissed
Meeting to catch
Children to fetch
And then there are series
Of social events
Must attend parties
New movies releases
Restaurants hopping
Fitness and lazy gym
Idle chat
Twitter chat
Google map
There is really no time
To attend to a friend
In distress

Friday, December 19, 2014

Unsafe World

Land is silent, 

Sky dark blue

Sufferings spew blood 

Over children's graveyard

Tear-stained parents 

Beat their chest

Cursing their helplessness

Cannot stretch hands to

Wring the throats
Of merciless animals

Thousands miles away

In another faraway world
Mother's heartbeat 

As she kisses in the air

To her children
On their way to school

Will they be safe?

She dusts the furniture
Cooks a quick meal
Watches the clock
Plays with her hands

Unable to focus

Her life somersaults

In an uneven pause

Till they return
Chirping and smiling

Back from school

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Year That Was - 2014

Writing blogs is the excellent way to record all the events and the experiences you collect. It is like a open diary.

I was checking my blogs to see how I fared during this year and I have discovered that 2014 has been a wonderful year.

I spend ‪#‎100happydays‬ from January to March posting pictures and writing short notes. I made a board on Pinterest to keep the record of those days and now when I look back to that page at  it always cheers me up.

I went to Krabi (Thailand) for the launch of my Sindhi cookbook ‪#‎SindhiCuisne‬, There was a wedding to attend and I knew all the friends and relatives of the Sindhi family from all over the world would attend this wedding. This was a great opportunity to launch my book. Everybody showed great interest and they happily bought a copy not only for themselves but also for their friends. I am happy my book has done exceptionally well on the international level. I have posted the album on my Facebook to preserve those memories at my album at FaceBook

My building has finally gone for redevelopment, It took five years to get the ball rolling. there were regular meetings, then new rules, paper work, agreement/disagreement from building member but finally, I can look forward to a new high tec house within next 2 years

I believe in giving back to the world the little good that i can. I am associated with the special school for mentally challenged that I attend on regular basis. This year my special school celebrated 25years of service, Unfortunately I was not able to attend this function because of poor health. But I did make a movie for this occasion and posted on U-tube.. you can watch it at

 Blogging has made me realize that whole year was good except December when Pain, my best friend, came to visit me and held me hostage during this month…poor health in the month of december has prevented me from attending any events or socializing. 

In pleasure and pain..there was a good is good!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Child Needs Respect

What kind of love is that when you beat the child black and blue to put your point across? Abuse him openly for every mistake he commits?
Child should never be the target of frustrations. He is a mini adult and has enough sense to understand and differentiate right from wrong. Child then learns to make excuses to escape punishment. Instead of screaming and shouting at the child, thinking he/she is deaf, a soft tone of communication works wonders. A child needs valid reason for refusal, a child needs respect, and he/she is not stupid.
People tell me that I don’t understand children because I have none of my own. What do I know about discipline? They tell me that only the mother knows best. Yes, I agree, mothers do know the best for their child. But every woman can understand the feeling of a child, irrespective of whether they have the real experience of nurturing children or not.
Passion is the only language children understand.
He may grow up to hate the world because the people he trusted the most (his own beloved parents) betrayed him.
The child who is subjected to violence and abuse in his childhood will grow up to be violent too. He/she may develop many other vices too, stealing, cheating and even rape too, because that will give him a sense of power, a fuel for revenge and anger that was buried down in his subconscious level.
And then parents will wonder where did they go wrong?


Laziness and illiteracy is the main reason for crime. 
Moral values should be the foundation of growth; also parents play a very important part. During my childhood, Grandma would tell me story everyday before going to sleep instilling fear for every wrong deed done.
I still remember the pictures grandma would show me of the serious punishments given by Gods for telling lies, carrying tales, cheating, stealing and other vices.
I was always afraid of devils relishing the fritters made of my tasty tongue; grandma said my tongue grew tastier with every lie I spoke and devils would love to feast on it.
There were other pictures too. Of people walking on burning charcoal, of devils riding on your back because they loved you for your crimes. The stories were so strong that they remained at the back of my mind, as the firm reminder during every action that I performed.
I watched others too. Many people lied but I felt sorry for them. In my class 2, I had seen one friend copying from the papers during the exams. I informed the supervisor that he was cheating and he told me to mind my own business. But I knew both were wrong and I was wrong too for carrying tales. I stopped carrying tales because the supervisor did not encourage me. I saw the futility of carrying tales. But the right thing should have been for supervisor to stop the child from cheating. He did not.
Kids believe everything their elders tell them so right stories with moral make a huge difference. They watch elders all the time and record every action for replay. They grow up with values from the environment they grow up in.
I am highly disturbed with the crime committed against women. Abuse and rape is become so common. There is certain desire in men to show their power and boost their ego. They want to punish women for refusing to succumb to their will. Men should be taught to respect women from their early years but then it’s their mindset. If correct values are not instilled in them, it is difficult to control them.

The respect has to come from within, to be able to judge right from wrong.

Saturday, December 06, 2014


Mistakes bring pain and we question ourselves if we could have done it differently.

But then it is late yet not too late to understand that one matures with each mistake and the pain is the subtle reminder of the things gone wrong….

Mistakes happen all the time, sometimes due to ignorance, and sometimes due to carelessness. I mean who would do the same mistake again? Especially if we know that it always brings pain. 

But mistakes like accidents happen unannounced. 

Then the process starts of dealing with pain and that is the hard part. The outcome of mistakes is sometimes difficult to deal with and leaves the scars for life. Not making the right choice at right time steers our life in different path, and often we think, wish we have been more careful, wish I had been more understanding, wish the luck was on our side…

but then this is life…...

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Thank U for this award
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