Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

She is lonesome this New Year's night
Sits by her window 
watching the distant moon
There is laughter outside
Sky glows with sparkling colored lights
Young boys and girls dance to a loud tune
Music distracts her

Transports her back to those glowing days 
When surrounded by friends, 
dizzy with love
Popped one grape with every gong..
Clock struck twelve 
dancing began..
drinking champagne all night....
hundred handshakes to welcome fresh twilight
Everybody shouting at once
 "Happy New Year!"

Where are those friends 
she knows not
Too weak to help, 
crackling bones, 
no money to spend,
 vision cold.
What worth is she for this selfish world

She sits alone with her shadow by her side
"Happy New Year" she sighs
One more year has gone by
Many lessons learnt during hits and misses
Dreams and fantasy evaporated in thin air

Everybody walks on same path but few steps
Then moves on to another world
Of greener and brighter hue
One who has nothing to offer 
must sit in solitude 
twiddling thumbs
Croon a melidious song

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Open Mike Poetry Performance

At open mike poetry performance 
Poets bare their soul, 
Expressing emotions 
In wildest tone. 
They come from all walks of life, 
On stage in front of audience,
They speak very loud,
World is unfair,
There is too much sweat,
If they could twist the world,
They would surely oblige
But helpless they are
No powers, only blokes
Just few verses of poetry
They wear it like a cloak.
Like superman they fly
For three minutes short,
Shred off their emotions
Ask for applause,
There is reward for one,
Who carries words from their nest,
A large cup of Suleman chai
A reward for the best.

Bake a Bread

She has a recipe
for every bread
from the peep hole of her kitchen
I see her
Knead, knead, knead, 
Poke the dough hard, 
She stretches it on the tables 
Rolls its body back, 
With her palm, not fingers, 
Massage, massage, massage, 
Till the dough is smooth and elastic, 
All the air trapped, 

For two hours it is covered, 
Till it bloats double in size, 
Now she shapes it small pallets, 
Thin, smooth, round 

Into oven it sits
Puff puff puff
Take a deep breath 
Smell the aroma
Look closely! 
She baked a  bread....

Self Employed

Self employed. 
No hours to work 
No boss to please.
No christmas gifts 
No bonus released. 

Fly with ur own wings 
As far as u can, 
Flutter ur feathers, 
Drop the excess in a pan. 

In ur warm nest 
you cuddle to sleep..
Take hot coffee 
When you feel sick. 

Work you must.
It must be done...
You maybe bored to be on ur own. 
But at the end of the day 
You are relaxed 

You still can stretch 
And work to ur max..

Friday, December 20, 2013

Auto Wallahs

Ah! These autowallahs
They get on my nerves
Sitting lazily on my bright blue vein

I wait endless at the cross road 
Requesting for a ride
After 100 tries one relents 
Asks my destination 
Then decides 
(yes...he has no patience).
Will horn at every stop..
(look man...I scream ...its not green but red) 
But he loves the music of his terrible beep
Takes turns and twist at break neck speed
Bumps high 2 meters upon speed breakers 
Without any guilt 

At the end of the trip 
I am fully shaken
(I think my kidney stones escaped my system)
Finally, when at the end of the journey 
I pay my fare 
He has no change of Rs100 , nor he cares

Now thats not rare..

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Have My Own Happy Tune

I ripped off 

The list of desires
Tore them in tiny bits..
You have million 
Friends and admirers 
Who endlessly dote around you..
But if I yearned 
For respect you get 
would have to ape you. 

I am what I am 
I cannot be like you.
Full of fault...

have my own happy tune..

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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