Monday, July 20, 2020

My neighbours in Lockdown

Day was spent Talking to my neigbours
Over a phone call
On regular days
I would just open the door to ask if they are well.
Lockdown has trapped me
Chained me inside my house
I see the birds
Happily fly
Under the blue sky
But here I am
The distance between the neighbors grows wider
"How are you?" I ask I can hear the happiness in her voice
She tell me how lonely she has been,
With aches and pain crushing her all day To get a listening ear is a treat.
I tell her
"This too shall pass.
Just keep faith in God"
She says
"Its her God
Who is talking to her through me."
Most lonely are the senior people
Who live all alone
With no live-in helper at home
They struggle with daily chores.
They wont take favors from nobody But are too weak to do it themselves.
Out of compulsion,
At my conviction They finally ask for help
To fetch for them some medicines
And buy a loaf of bread...

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Thank U for this award
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