Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

When I was young, 
We never celebrated 
Mother's day
Never did we purchase 
Any rose 
For a very special day
All days were the same, 
We cared, 
Mom cared, 
But never was the affection 
Physically expressed
Love meant obeying 
All request,
Following the house rules and
Passing all tests

'Listen, never go ashtray,

 don't bring family name
 to disgrace"

Mom worried 
if we stay out late

"Can you come home, please,
 before eight?"

We saw dark circle under Mom's eyes
We knew she hadn't slept all night

When Mom smiled
Our world was bright
Every happy day was
Mother's day!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Strange Women

The woman sat next to me, her eyes fixed on her mobile, her finger tips brushing lightly over keypad. I waited for her to move her head, to get an eye contact, so that i could introduce myself and get to know her. it seemed odd to me to sit quietly, as if wrapped in anger, sealed lips. A little smile can speak thousand words. I waited. 

The waiter began to serve the food, cottage cheese in tomatoes, fragrant colorful rice, smoked brinjals. "The food looks delicious" I smiled, looking in her direction. She placed her mobile next to her plate and began to nibble, her eyes fixed on her plate. The women on my right answered "Yes, indeed, quite a feast." For the rest of the evening, I spoke to the woman on my right, ignoring the woman on my left.

We were no enemies, just strangers, seated next to each other on Chef's table to get acquainted with each other while we sampled food. But how can you force a conversation with a person who prefers to stay aloof? After every two bites, she returned to her mobile to make some notes.

After the dinner, she disappeared, leaving no trace except an empty chair. Later, I learnt she was an actress, had few successful TV serials to be proud of. I don't watch TV, so I didn't recognize her.

I understood her silence.


hate competitions. 

On my normal days I might excel in my work but under the watchful eyes, my knees grow week. People are watching, they will judge me, although they don't even know me. My immediate performance will channel their thoughts.

I know these things shouldn't bother me. Why do I care what opinions are strangers making about me? They will soon forget. 

But the sniggering thought at the back of my mind keeps reminding me that I could have done it better, if only I had done it differently..if only I was alert...if only I had used my imagination, skill, ego is seriously depressed..keeps poking my conscious

"Loser! Loser!" it screams till I block my mind...

But mistakes happen and then two weeks later, all is really didn't matter how I had performed, at least I tried my best.......

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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