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Game Of Blogs: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 - Betrayal

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City Hospital Kochi

She read the message by Kaizad and put away her phone.

Thank you! Blah!

‘What was that thankfulness for?’ Jennifer wondered as she searched the pillbox to select the medicines for her mother. Jenifer had seen the picture of Kaizad at Cyrus’s blog but she had never really interacted with him. She was in constant touch with Cyrus on Face Book and she had known his brother over some conversations with Cyrus.

“My brother is the creative head of Ad agency too” Cyrus had said when she had mentioned that she worked as photographer in ad agency called ‘Happy Advertising’

The hospital bed screeched as her mother turned to move on her left side. She quickly reached her mother’s bedside to offer her help. With the drips attached to her hands and nose like some long curly serpentines, breathing is difficult.

She will investigate later, as soon as her mother is better, she mused as she turned her attention back to her. The message lay forgotten in her mobile, as least for now.

Party Celebration for the success of ‘Play Deo’

Kaizad moved with authority in the crowd, his smile plastered perpetually on his face, and a drink goblet held loosely in his hand. He had lots to celebrate, as ‘Play Deo’ was the new talk of the town. It took over the turntables and was enjoying the success. Immaculately dressed, he made an impressive presence.

The celebrations kicked off in full swing when the Bollywood star Akhay Khan made his appearance on the stage dancing on the hottest electronic dance music tracks.  While Akhay Khan was spinning, the Olive bar stunning cocktail beauties showed up next to Kaizad and presented him with two glorious gold plaques for his achievements.

With all smiles, Kaizad held his plaque up high for his guest to see while everybody raised a toast and gold confetti shot up in the air.

Kaizad kept the party going all night spinning all the way until the early morning.  Throughout the evening, heels clacked against hardtop dance floor as dancers gradually overcame their shyness.

At Cyrus Home

Cyrus checked his files on his desktop deeply engrossed in his work. The marble clock on the mantelpiece softly chimed the half-hour, the dog rose uneasily from the rug and walked to sit in the corner of the room, curled in a comma shape, burying his mouth between his fore limbs. Cyrus gave a cursory glance at the dog, then turned his attention back to his files. His stomach was growling and his mouth parched dry, the heat in the room was making him thirsty.

He rose to walk to kitchen to make some coffee and maybe eat a snack. The work was never ending, coffee always kept him alert and active.

He passed Kaizad’s room and was surprised to see him in front of computer.
What was he doing so early in the morning in front of computer? He had heard kaizad turn in the key and walk in late night after the party. He had been extremely pleased at his brother’s success but couldn’t go for the party because he had assignment to complete. But shouldn’t he be sleeping and getting some rest?

He peeped in. Maybe make one cup of coffee for him too?

Suddenly his eyes fell on the screen. Kaizad was on Skype.

He narrowed his eyes to get a closer look.

“What-The_Hell” Oh My God, I can’t believe this!!

He retraced his steps and sneaked out  quietly, hoping that his brother had not seen him

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A Night To Remember

Chapter Seven: Roohi’s Day Out.

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“Munchausen syndrome by proxy”

Hmmn!… ;'Munchausen syndrome by proxy'. The words played in loops in her mind. A hundred times. Revolving round and round till her head began to spin. No, it cannot be true, she was a CEO of a successful company, she could handle the most difficult situations, and she cannot bring harm to anybody, especially not to her own child.

“Maybe I should pick up Roohi from school today” she said under her breath as she removed the mobile from her purse and started to dial.

“Hello Shekhar” she whispered into the phone, her fingers pressing hard against her left temple, “I will pick up Roohi from school today.”

“Are you okay?” faltered Shekhar “Come home directly, she will come by school bus, like she always does.” There was a ring of concern over his voice.

“No, I am fine.” She said. A flash of pleasure swept over her.

Spending time with Roohi always changed her moods. In worst of situations, a happy chatter and her bright smile lifted her spirit, she needed that at this moment the most. She could come later to work and maybe work late nights, but right now she needed to go someplace with her daughter.

She flung her handbag over her shoulders, plucked the keys from the key stand and emerged from her cabin.

“I will be back soon.” She said to no one in particular as she strode at an easy pace towards the parking lot.

She revved up the engine; it rumbled, gave a soft jerk and then began to move.

She had had the presence of mind to call the admin person and get her car  repaired. It was just a spark plug issue and it was resolved in no time. 

Roohi had just emerged from her school gates, when she recognized her mother’s car parked behind her school bus, hazard lights blinking, and position a bit skewed. She looked closely. A wave of happiness enveloped her when she saw her mother standing next to the car. She blinked, turned swiftly, her gaze not leaving her mother, her shoes grinding against the sandy ground, with her both arms swinging in air, her school bag thumping against her back, as she walked swiftly, reached Tara and circled her arms around her mother’s waist.

“Mamma! Is that you? Ooh! I cannot believe it. What are you doing here? What a pleasant surprise!”

“Yes, my pretty Rooh. Today, I decided to spend some time with my baby” Tara bend down to kiss her daughters forehead.

“Really? Are we going someplace?” Roohi walked towards the other side of the car, threw her school bag at the back seat of the car, opened the front door and plopped herself in the front seat.

“We are going home, baby!” said Tara, as she put the car in gear and pulled out  of the parking space. 

“No, no, Mamma please, I don’t want to go home, can we stop for an ice-cream, please?” said Roohi, her voice lingering on the word ‘please’ and her eyes rolling in excitement.

“Hmmn, only ice cream then, okay?” said Tara, her eyes focused on the busy road ahead.

Tara parked her car outside an ice-cream parlor, hand-in-hand, Roohi and Tara walked inside.

With an interior design that looks more like a clothes shop than an exclusive ice cream parlor, this place had more than fifty flavors of ice cream, some of them truly amazing. In winter they also served chocolate delicacies and patisserie.

Roohi chose the combination of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, topped with small chunks of chopped strawberries, two tiny kiwi rings, black grapes and broken pieces of walnuts and pine nuts.

While wolfing down her ice cream Roohi looked up and asked:

“You and daddy don’t go out nowadays, do you feel sad?

“Yes, sometimes, but he will soon be fine.”

“Will he ever walk again?”

“Yes, baby, he will.”

“You know, mamma, daddy is always on skype.”

“He is working no?”

“But he spend so much time talking to uncle Cyrus on Skype.”

“Oh, they talk business.”

“But I don’t like him.”

“You don’t have to talk to him.”

“I don’t want to talk but daddy asked me to.”

“Just say ‘hello’ and go back to your room.”

“He said he may come to Mumbai and stay in our house.”

“Don’t worry, he must have just said so, daddy friends always stay in hotel. No?”

“Mamma, he said he might come home.”

“Okay finish your ice-cream, I will drop you home then go back to work.”

“You will go back to work?”

“Yes, baby, Mamma has work to do.”

“Please, stay at home today, please, please.”

“Okay, lets go home first then we will decide.”

They drove home with Roohi chatting all the way, telling her stories about her school, friends, teachers, food, games…

Tara was already in good spirit when they entered their building compound. She inserted her house key into her main door and walked in.

She could hear soft murmurs coming from her room.

“Go to your room and change your uniform Rooh, I will just be back” she said, nudging Roohi's shoulders to steer her towards the other room.

She decided to surprise Shekhar

She walked into her room. Shekhar was in the front of the screen, his back towards the door, deep in conversation. A shock wave travelled from her foot to her heart, as she focused her eyes to look at the face inside the screen. She shivered, her nerves pulsating against her temples.

“Cyrus? Is that you? What-the-hell!” she screamed as she clutched the mouse to  switch off the Skype call. Shekhar turned and looked at Tara in surprise. .

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