Monday, October 30, 2017



After the fornight of activity
Cleaning, washing, repairing the broken things at house
Clearing up the clutter of confused minds
Days just sweep by
Celebrating the festival of lights
Much too much activity
For tender bones to align
Friends family togatherness
Joy and delight
Festival drained off my energy
Nothing interests me now
Sitting point blank for hours
Staring at nothingness
I am lazy tonite

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Silent Diwali Night

Silent night
Diwali lights
Wishes on watsapp
No neighbors call
Sugar scare
Chocolates rare
Of nuts and raisins
Dates if you dare
Colorful mithai
Nobody shares
Where is the rangoli
Laterns, oil lamp
Where are the children
Their thrill, their claps
Running from loud bang
Playing with sparklers
Throwing hand bombs
Or noisy toy guns
Its just shopping
Crowded lanes
Traffic jams
People on the streets
Going nowhere
Eating junk food
Pizza, hambuggers
No festive spirit
No spending quest
Just silent nights
With blinking lights
Grandparents lonely
No festival to share.

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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