Monday, March 14, 2016

Hungry Limping Man

For no fault of his
He hobbled on one foot
From one car to another
Asking for alms

'Karma' they said.
Not batting their eyes
They turned their face
In other direction
Drove off out of sight

Hungry limping man
He waits patiently
On lonely streets at traffic light
Waiting for kind soul

No one meets his gaze
No one stops by
No one understand his pain
nor hear his soft cry

Far distance, in a park
A feast is on display
For immigrants who are hungry,
but have not enough cash to pay

Meat, rice, pulses,
distribute on festive days
happily by some youngsters
Earning blessings all day

A lady in torn gown, alone
She sits on a bench
Eating with knotty fingers
Thanking Lord for her brunch

Hundreds of people
All stand in one line
To get their share of ration
All have grateful smiles

But the hungry limping man
He couldn't walk too far
Just waited for kind soul,
one who would stop his car
Knew not that
Kind souls were distributing
Free food in the park....

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Failed Tea Party

Sun is about to set
I wait
in anticipation
Its two hours now
tea has paled
pistacho, walnuts
have lost their taste
I mince my words
that hurt your soul
I hope your moods change
Do come around
to sip the last
drops of
cold tea
Lets start all over again

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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