Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sindhi Refugees

These men got to go
Declared enemies
So they packed their bags
And became refugees

They crossed  borders in shame
Over dispute of two countries
Coldness between India Pakisthan
Divided all Sindhis

Gold coins, crockery,
Luxuries of happy homes
Vultures of the land
Looted their hard earned money

Holes in their soles
Forced to live in open tents
They dined in community kitchens
Just rice, lentils, bread

Dignity had to be earned
For pride to return
A new life was chalked
For them to start all over

They up-toned their muscles
To begin from scratch
No map to follow
There was no going back.

On streets, railways, footpaths
On every unclaimed land
They spread their merchandise
Began to sell their wares.

Night and day, day and night
They toiled under harsh weather
Framed inside faith
Wrapped in cloak of self respect

Inch by inch,  hard work
Yielded good results
Sixty years after migration
Sindhis are everywhere

Offering hand of compassion
They lift their families up
Sindhis, the philanthropist
Helping every common man

Building schools, hospitals
Doing unselfish work
Communities, friends, families
Share their extra wealth

Hardwork pays,
Lady luck smiles
Wheels of fortune
Turns around

Dot by dot,  chain by chain
They learnt to survive
Third generation of
Migrant Sindhis
Winners of the game

Fore fathers
Faced much hardship
With stickers of refugees
on their backs
Scion of refugee men
Champs in present world

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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