Monday, July 20, 2020

Big Mamma Never Listens

All dey people walking this way that way
Shaking their heads, mumbling happy Lohri
Dey drummer beating dey drums loudly
I closing ma ears so I hear it softly
Women dey dressed in ethnic shiny clothes
Dancing with their friends in muddy naked toes
Me I dey ask aunty will she tango with me
Uh uh..
But bIg mamma, she never listen O
Friend pulling my arm, asking me to stand beside her
Long queue look like centiped rope
Everybody in queue holding paper plates
Hungry people waiting patiently for dey turn
There is pulao, bread, bhajiya and mix vegetables stew
Big mamma telling me
It is free food
fill your plate, eat till you drop dead
Me I dey ask aunty who paid the bill
Uh uh
But big mamma she never listen O
In the centre of the compound is the burning flame
With red orange tongue wagging as in a game
People going round, round, round the flame
throwing popcorn, til laddoos on the ground
Too much food stuff on the floor
More people come with more popcorn, laddoo
Me I dey ask aunty why people wasting so much food
Big mamma say that they are praying to dey God of flames
Me I dey ask again why they wasting food
Uh uh
But big mamma dey never listen O
Everybody pouting and clicking selfie
Everybody busy on their phone
Nobody hearing the phone conversation
But people l chatting on the line
Texting is better than talking aloud
Me I dey ask aunty why people use their phone
They should be praying and praying to God alone
Uh uh
But big mamma dey never listen O
Big mamma she dey want to sit by herself now
Me I dey ask aunty can we go home
Big mamma say fun has just begun
Uh uh
Me I dey no answer nothing O

My Friends And I

A scar on my leg
A raw scraped skin,
I limp to answer the doorbell
Friends walk in with cooked meals
There is fried rice, some spring rolls
And veggies in sour sauce
Food, always an excuse
For us to meet
We eat, we chat
Pain goes to sleep
Its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze
Some days are dull
When pain puts you off to deep sleep,
the moon waits
Shining behind the window pane
Till strength come back
Unknown to the world
U lay on bed, uncaring
Too weak to move
To breathe in the fresh air
Although its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze
There is chatter of kids
Out in the lane below
Loud sound of Azaan
From mosque close by
its time for prayers
Some beeps of cars
A moving traffic
A crazy motorcyclist
Zooming by
We sit by window
My friends and I
Love is in the air
Its chilly, windy, Mumbai freeze

Beaded Canvas

Two weeks ago
She didn't exists
There was no song
Nor piano with music
I created this
Goddess of canvas
Crystal by crystal
Pasted each piece
Twenty-two shades of love
Shaping this form
With my mind still
No cluster of thoughts
Nor any Distractions
Eyes strained
Finding each crystal
Behind magnifying glass
As in meditative moods
It has finally
Revealed itself
With a life of its own
Has a story to tell
From beginning to the end
Will one day shine
Adorn the walls
Of my living room
But not now
Not yet
It still waits

Virus in my Phone

Virus walked into my phone
Caused sore throat, silent chat
It lay helplessly by my side
Too weak to make a stand
Fifteen days more to go
Me, my phone in lockdown
I looked for a book to read
Or a spiritual hymn to chant
But hardly had an hour passed
Missed I my virtual cloud
What s new in my social land
Craved I to understand
Reviewed the days of no cyber net
Survive I did for years
Honing on my other interests
Hobbies, travel, writing on pads
Well stocked I was in my house
With needles threads and hooks
Paint brushes, canvas, pencils , paints
These all were my best friends
Everything had faded away
Since media filled those gaps
Addiction is hard to avoid
When you are on virtual stands
Online I read everything, Newspaper, recipes, pranks
Inspired by work, interests, goals
That are posted by my friends
With phone in lockdown mode
No cough, sneeze just flu
Cut off I am, from outer world
Know not what do.I do
There has to be some solution
Cannot stay alone by me self
Great are people who march for retreats
Meditate to find themselves
I find myself in my links
My family my groups, my friends
They send me messages night and day
To cheer me when I am clanked
I walk toward my desktop screen
To consult my Google friend
With trials and errors, clicks here and there
For some medication research
There is a remedy for every illness
I only need to understand
And lo behold , after few hours
I finally find a snap
My head is heavy
My eyes are strained
At staring on the screen too long
But learnt I did, to reboot my sick machine
It's healthy once again...

My neighbours in Lockdown

Day was spent Talking to my neigbours
Over a phone call
On regular days
I would just open the door to ask if they are well.
Lockdown has trapped me
Chained me inside my house
I see the birds
Happily fly
Under the blue sky
But here I am
The distance between the neighbors grows wider
"How are you?" I ask I can hear the happiness in her voice
She tell me how lonely she has been,
With aches and pain crushing her all day To get a listening ear is a treat.
I tell her
"This too shall pass.
Just keep faith in God"
She says
"Its her God
Who is talking to her through me."
Most lonely are the senior people
Who live all alone
With no live-in helper at home
They struggle with daily chores.
They wont take favors from nobody But are too weak to do it themselves.
Out of compulsion,
At my conviction They finally ask for help
To fetch for them some medicines
And buy a loaf of bread...

There Is Virus in the Air

I cant keep my Hands.
All to myself
They don't obey me
They swing beyond my control
I Follow their every move
But still they touch my face
Look they go up again
Checking if I need a shave
There is virus in the air
All germs scattered on floor
If sweeping could help
I would throw them out doors
I keep my hands on sides
Every hour I sanitize
How can I relax
My nose itches so bad
Look they go up again
Crawling on my face
They dont obey me
They swing beyond control
There is virus in the air
All germs scattered on floor
If sweeping could help
I would throw them out doors
What do I do with Hands
that never follow
Any rules
Have quaranteened them
Tied them to the stool
Wont let them touch that pole
Wont let them turn the bolt
Wont let them ring the bell
I keep them behind my back
Have cross my hands across my chest
So I never lose control
But still these hands
They play with my hair
There's virus in the air
All scattered on the floor
If sweeping could help
I would throw them out doors
I am walking carelessly
With hand in pocket hole
For greeting my friends I
Simply join my hands
Or raise my hands to head
to say soft salaam
Wont let them shake the hands
Just say a simple hello.
There is virus in the air
All scattered on the floor
If sweeping could help
I would throw them out doors

Thursday, July 02, 2020

A2Z April Challenge Z is for Zeal

Z is for Zeal
I stopped counting the moons
Outside my window
Terror spreads
Millions of people choked to death
People mourn alone in grief
Around the world
Economy dips
Money, status, position mingled in dust
Life comes to stand still
Or does it?
The only scope
I stretch my arms till they reach the sky
To grab the clouds of
courage and patience
To work with renewed
zeal and energy
Life returns to normalcy.
Z is for 'Zeal"

A2Z April Challenge Y is For Yellow

Y is for Yellow
Days have transformed from yellow to grey
Routine is a distant dream
We ran like an athlete
To reach 9:10am fast train
Had friendly chat with familiar faces everyday
For strangers we had smiles
On our return trip at 5pm
We saw them peeling peas,
Or scaling garlic in the train compartment
Some of them knitted booties
Some sang Bollywood songs
Some simply dozed throughout their train ride.
Life has changed its course
Work comes home
Through cyber space
At any odd hours
You juggle with household chores before you can finish your office assignment of the day.
Always angry is the boss
Who makes too many demands
Understands not the woes of family members
Clustered together all hours of the day
And night
Everybody seeking their own space.
Always hungry
Mobile phones click notifications
Work schedules confused
Day and night is the same
Nobody watches the clock anymore
Miss those moments when dawn shafts pierced steam.
The day would start with musical note of happiness.
The sun appeared at horizon
Its warm yellow rays filtered through tinted glass windows
Bringing sunshine and vibrancy in moods
Working from home and working at workplace is not the same.
It never was.
Y is for 'Yellow"

A2Z April Challenge X is for Xerox

X is for Xerox
They came back today
Both father and son
Cured at last
Of Covid19
But in isolation for fifteen days
At home they would be
Shilpa, the neighbor
She sees
Under the vitamin D sun
Tranquil whirlwind
Breezy lashes of the trees
None went out to greet.
No warm reception
On their return from death
Or so it seemed
Silence in the air
Except the sound
Of footsteps on wooden floor
Shilpa locked her door
First concern was safety
She sat to type
Words don't come easy
When mind is in despair
Zealous praises stretched to heaven
Thanking God
That it was not she
Nor her loved ones
No neighbors called for updates
It wasn't a juicy gossip
Everyone with xerox copy of significance collected in the photo studio of mind
Same expression of fear
Same queries
Was the treatment complete?
Will the normalcy return?
'Breaking News'
She types.
X is for 'Xerox"

A2Z April Challenge W is for We

W is for We
During lockdown
Behind the closed doors
Relationship plays the game
My lit friends and I
Churn out poems everyday
Playing with words
Juggling with phrases
Spinning an emotional yarn
Behind the closed doors
On our work tables
We share our literary treats
My foodie friends and I
Chop onion till we cry
Cook, bake, roast the veggies
Plate it well, then click
A foto to share and to stare
Behind the close doors
We drool
My close friends and I
Meet regularly on video chat
Share the happy hours
Sometimes high, at times low
Precious is our time together
Belly laugh, play or sing
Behind the closed doors,
Far apart but never alone
My neighbors and I
Just a doorbell away
Social distancing
Pulled us apart
During this pandemic
We are afraid to meet
With or without mask
Behind the close doors
We are strangers now
My family and I
All of us in lockdown under a common roof
Blessed that we are together
Share a common fear
Stay indoor and pray that
Each one of us
Open the door and our hearts
To be free again
W is for 'We"

A2Z April Challenge V is For Visionary

V is for Visionary
Rich are safe at home
Surrounded by luxuries of life.
Food drinks hours of leisure
But still complain
About being indoors.
About missing their carefree life
Heart weeps for poor who live in a hut six by four.
Social distancing
An impossible dream
Summer heat
Not enough to eat
Out on streets doing odd jobs.
Sad lot work
so that rich are comfy
Cops nurses watchmen drivers vendors sweepers
The list goes on
These are the people
Dressed in mask
Much at risk
They go home
But not close to children
No show of affection
No physical touch
Everyday is red day
They may
Or may not return home
Sad lot
They have no hope
To be realist today is to be visionary or else there is only fear
So dream we must
This too shall pass
Sister advocates
Evil has ruled for too long
Crime, treachery, greed
All must dissolve
Stay at home in self realisation
This is the period of redemption
Satyuga is soon to arrive
An age of truth
Where humanity will be governed by Gods
Goodness will rule
Every manifestation will be close to purest ideals
Its just the matter of time.
V is for Visionary

A2Z April Challenge U for For Utopia

U is for Utopia
We chat online everyday
My friends and I
Talk about many things
Tips on recipes
"What did you cook today?"
Some Bollywood gupshup
Some news about how they spent their hours during lockdown days
Close knit family content at having all members eating the home cooked food togather.
No parties, no outings
Main gate quarantined
Days spent
Strengthening the bonds with family members at home
Cops out there on the streets
Monitoring the movement of thugs on the road
Need not be afraid
Crime has changed its graph
To lower incline.
No continuous beeping of speeding cars
No squabble at roads
The silence in air is soothing to ears.
Meditation needs no special hour of the day
Plants and trees blooming with life
Flowers and fruits in abundance
Happiest are the birds chirping from branch to branch
Friend says "I saw purple colour bird with red beak today."
Streets clear of garbage and dirt
Pavements sanitised
No hawkers on the road
No beggars at the curb
Don't see red stained designs on the ground
Greatest surprise was in the headlines today
"The waters at the Ganges is sparkling clean
Its finally fit enough to drink"
The utopia that we craved for is visible now
U is for Utopia

A2Z April Challenge T is for Tomorrow

T is for Tomorrow
Corona was just a drink
We enjoyed with a lime
Now it has different meaning
A virus of deadly brand
Black and white is my life
with little tones of grey
The colors red blue green
Are missing nowadays
Nobody knocks on door
No reason to visit a friend
Money tucked away in the depth of lockers
No reason to spend
On daily butter and bread
I look at my 2020 planner
Zero entry for passing days
Days were alert
From Sundays to Saturdays
Plans for each day checked
Lunch parties with friends
Exploring new restaurants
A visit to a work stations
To give a helping hand
A random movie outing with Popcorn and Samosa for first day first show
An instant plan to go for a weekend to an resort out of town
Random visits to
Book- reading club
Book launches
Culinary club
Laughing club
Poetry club
A visit to an art gallery
Or enjoy a music show
A ride in a local train
Or Ola
Or Uber
or even in red bus
On lazy days, I would Paint
Or simply walk by the beach
Now there is just internet
Social distancing
The norm of the day
The life I had
Fades in fear
My world is crashing down
In the chaos
In silence
Busy I am
In new routine
Enclosed in matchbox
Telling that I am safe inside
Death toll grows
Outside my home
I stay awake all hours
Fighting dreams and sleep
You have messed up my life
Never can I take life for granted again
Today is the day
I live each day
For tomorrow
I cannot plan
T is for Tomorrow

A2Z April Challenge S is for Serendipity

S is for Serendipity
Daily chores of washing cooking
Never ending job of pleasing all
What's this life, trapped at home
Just eat, sleep, work in between
Friends ask me if i am well
I say I am fit as can be
Thousand messages in my phone
Couldn't care less if there were none
Greatest desire is to soothe my soles
Walk through my closed doors
Hopping jumping happy mind
Care free down empty streets
I pluck the book off the shelf
Not a word did I read
Restlessly walked I hither thither
When at a glance a miracle did see
Green fresh leaves on basil tree
Fluttering and dancing in gust of breeze
Upon a chance
A stroke of luck it seems
The air is clean
No humidity, no dirt
Population pollution in retreat
City paused to eternity
Visible everywhere are colorful flowers
Fragrance risen from the earth
Red green purple yellow buds
Healthy, ripe fruit bearing trees
Bored no more, cross legged I sit
Gazed at beauty around me
S is for Serendipity

A2Z April Challenge R is for Rumors

R is for Rumor
Dust the floor I walk on
Sanitise the walls I touch
I am the dragon lady
Stung by Covid19
That what you believed
When you walked by my closed door
You heard me cough
That didn't seem right
Clicking fiercely on mobile screen
You spread message shamelessly
Warning the residents of danger
Of living next door to me
Lies, lies
You believe in lies
Plain rumour in black skies
Silently you watch me from afar
Did you see me swallow my grief at frozen stares
Did you see my heart bleed in state of perpetual disrepair
Alone I walk down corridors
Searching for warm smiles
Rumor and lies
Rumor and lies
In times of lockdown
How do I tell the truth to world
Who believe in lies.
I am no dragon lady
Stung by Covid19
Its a prank of an idle mind
R is for Rumor

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

A2Z April Challenge G is for Generosity

In the midst of nine days period called Navaratri
like other women
is confined to home
Temples are shut during the twenty one days lockdown
God idol covered in silk
Bells that worshippers ring when they enter the temple
Are silent
"This is the time of crisis, people should realize that prayers from home are acceptable as prayers offered at temples" said the priest
But pray
She must
Be it at the alter of her home
Shyamlala lights the lamp
Cooks the satvic meals with holy hymn on her lips.
Carefully wraps puris
Sooji halwa, a banana in a small paperbag and sits behind the wheels
There is no restriction on driving out of necessity.
On her ride toward medical store
she stops the car
A stray dog wags his tail
You have to show generosity to practice dasoha
The act of sharing what one has
Be it knowledge, art or wit
Or food for hungry soul.
G is for 'Generosity"

A2Z April Challenge Q is for Quarantine

Q is for Quarantine
The night falls
on a soft bed
Behind the plasma is a fake world
A siren shrills and cuts through the silence of the night leaving a trail of fear
These are the days of anxiety.
Its the times we live in
One transport you will travel alone to freezing grounds
Quarantined for fourteen days of
Q is for Quarantine

A2Z April Challenge P is for Patience

A runny nose, constricted throat
Tears clouding eyes
Its common cold
She washes hands every two seconds
Water boiling in kettle endlessly
She knows
Its not easy to stay calm
There is too much stress
In everyone life
Fear gripped the city
Everybody cooped at home
Neighbors don't ring the doorbell
Watchman calls on intercom
Announcing the arrival of vegetable vendor
She snaps at him
Scolding him for calling up at odd hours
She changes into formal dress
Walks downstairs
Greets the man
Asking him to be patient with her
Apologises for harsh words
Grief reflects the inner pain.
She knows
Its hard
But practise she must
Find something for distraction
Music song dance
To soothe her nerves
Maybe she could create
A delicious recipe
Taking a tip from a cookbook
She knows
Its matter of time
Tolerance conquers all
Patience is companion of wisdom
The fear will melt gradually
Sunshine comes back at dawn
Nature does not hurry
Yet everything is accomplished with time
Scientist working night and day
Research cure of Covid19
To bring life back on tracks
When everybody can breathe free
Till then
Patience is the best virtue of all.
P is for 'Patience'

A2Z April Challenge O is for Outside

Families trapped inside the home
What do we do all day?
I am bored
Challenges are plenty
Clashing of tones
Sometimes you wish
you could walk outside
Big banner adverts
Social media rules
Promises made for home delivery fools
Shop online
They will decline
You are forced to walk and shop outside
Food is plenty, no complains
Prices high, skyrockets
Not everything I order
Gets delivered on rhyme
Sometimes its coriander instead of thyme
My society arranged for fruits vendor
Happily I walked down to shop outside
This is the era when you can't make choice
You cannot be stubborn to follow precribed diet
Limited are stocks at the malls
No freshly baked bread
No high branded oil
You may go for a walk to check outside
There is also a demand for liquor as well
Although liquor vend are shut outside
But neighbors are kind
They will share, they dont mind
As long as they can sneak from back door inside
We are right in the middle of pandemic
Safety is being content to stay inside
Don't act brave
Don't act foolish
Don't for no reason
Walk outside
O is for 'Outside'

A2Z April Challenge N is for Nurture

World has come to a pause
Everybody enclosed into a box
'Stay At Home'
The new mantra
Solitude the only goal
There is no panic button to hit
The only rational act is
I can crib
I can cringe
On my own
I am learning new skills
I am the driver
I am the passenger
In the journey of my
I am learning to nurture my time
No schedules nor any external demands
No staring at clock, its fine
I am content
I am busy
I have moved
the clutter from my
I am learning to nurture my relationships with people
Accept them against all odds
Sometimes challenging but mostly calming
etching memories
For future reference
To their moods
I am learning to nurture my lovely home
Have plant that talk to me
They bloom with love
With fragrant smiles
Beauty is
When the sun sets
Behind my window pane
Joy reflect from my
I am learning to nurture the creativity in me
With new ideas it erupts with joy
Be it cooking, painting, writing
Peace it gives
when I still my mind
I am thoughtful
I am calm
The light within me
This is the period of solitude
Its a moment of creativity
There is stillness There is change
Locked within my emotive walls
Inside a box of solitude
I have learnt to nurture
My body
My soul
My spirit
My mind
N is for 'Nurture"

A2Z April Challenge M is for Morning

3rd May Morning will be special day
A bit different in a way
There will be honking
Beeping of moving cars
Street urchins back on roads
Bells in temple will chime again
God idols will change their silky robe
Fragrance of pure ghee will be in air
Hymns in praise of lord will glow
Children will be back to school
Their joy profound at meeting their pals
Teachers will re invent their teaching skills
Fresh knowledge will overflow
Women will be back on their toes
Beauty parlors
Kitty parties
Shopping woes
Credit cards recharge galore
Men can go back
in search of wealth
Women can scorn then
their state of health
May 3rd Morning
Lockdown ends
Freedom lavishly returns.
M is for 'Morning"

A2Z April Challenge L is for Limitless

I have lost track of time
What use is watching the clock
What does it matter?
There are no office hours
Nor running after fast local trains
No goodbyes at the end of the day.
No busy schedules
There are two things I do for me
Two things I do for family
Two things I do for my home
Hours are spent dreaming of the limitless possibilities of what I could do
If I was free
Limitless are choices available online
Free web series
Free online crash courses
Free discussion groups
There are
Restaurants offering
Takeaway services
Large banquet of food
All you do is watch and drool
At home
You just eat
Butter and bread
Or biryani if you are a chef
Limitless is the fear all around
Clouded in everyones eyes
Specially ones who witness death
Dressed in full suit white
Couldn't mourn for dead
Just careful to keep his distance safe
For safety
Detached he stays
Limitless are the ideas that flock my head
They come in cluster like bees
Swarming my mind via 4G
Giving me the nectar of know-how
I am aware that I am not alone
There are million of people in same shoe
Walking through same phases of boredom
But they move on
I understand
They embraced the situation
So could I
Lets not crib about life
Its lockdown not war
Limitless is the sky and the sea
Limitless is the universe
Just a grain of sand are we
Blown away by winds of love
L is for Limitless"

A2Z April Challenge K is for Karma

I fail to understand
What wrong did I do, to be
Locked away to isolation
Like a hard core prisoner
for days on end
Patience is exhausted
Limited is range of my movements
I begin to forget
There is peace like heaven on earth
World is friendly for animals and trees
Blooming with colors are the flowers too
There is chirping of birds
A music for listening ears
But my world is silent
I feel trapped and blue
Tired of staying endlessly home
Out in the world I must go
I am done with spending time with me
Too much of virtual gyan won't suit me
Exercises cleaning cooking swabbing
Even rectified the faults in me
They tell me its law of karma
What you sow so shall you reap
An unwritten law but still very strong
Records all action, big and small
Law of karma is recording too
The fate of men
Who brought suffering in world
With virus spread
Thousands dead
Lost of peace
People sad
Families lost their earning clan
Law of karma should strike them bad
Supreme power
is jotting all
Revenge of Karma will befall
K is for 'Karma"

A2Z April Challenge J is for Judgement

Everyone is wearing a mask
Different shades of grey
Security personal
You know them from their dress code
You know you are safe
Like ordinary men on streets
Their intensions you may never know
Until its too late to retreat
Gossip mongers
Have sweetness in their eyes
You slip under their butterly charm
Bring imbalance in your life
Be not afraid
Use your power of
Self judgement
Recognise a good soul
There is drumroll of warnings
Listen to the beat
If you cannot synchronise with rhythm
Stay at home
Behind the mask
Quietly watch
In quarantine
You will recognise
A true friend from a foe
J is for 'Judgement"

A2Z April Challenge I is for Identity

You say
that you can read me
like a book
but you see only
what I let you
I am the author of my life
The truth that only I know
I am
Jargon of emotions
Change each day
with every mood
With every turn of head
To fit
Where I cannot belong
I sit with self
Imprisoned like a slave
With nowhere to go
Sealed in
Eat, sleep, eat sleep
My world at a pause
All pleasures blocked
Do I miss my life
Yes, I did
but only for a night
I adopted a new routine
I sit erect
Found so many faults in me
I must stop
Instant mindless reaction
Sweating over small stuff
I need to guard
Need to sing
a better tune
Who can guide me
Nobody but me
I am
Always a knit of identity
Always a distinct affair
I is for 'Identity"

A2Z April Challenge H is for Hero

My lord
The supreme being
I see You everyday
I hear you in the sound of The birds
The wind
The trees
The skies
Each time I peek out of my room window
Perfect beauty I see
I feel you in the compassion of my family
Square meal on my table
Secure roof over me
I feel you watching me night and day
How much more content could I be
I see you in the hearts of my friends
Their laughter
Their pranks
Their calls
To check how I sail through
Rough seas during my stormy days of lockdown
I admire you in the unlimited services of
Community helpers
Who risk their lives
live dangerously
to keep everyone safe each day
I see you in the
Other religious sectors
No one goes hungry
Not migrant laborers
Nor stray pets
Nor even the lonely hearts
Were You not in my life
What would my life be?
You are my Hero
I am strong
because I have You by my side
You are my Hero
You are always
Here with me
Around me
Within me
H is for 'Hero"

A2Z April Challenge F is for Freedom

Breakfast check
Soaping of dishes check
Sweeping and swabbing check
Lunch served to family check
Sat down heavily with long sigh
On a green velvet couch by the rack
To read the messages on watsapp
Four hundred and ninety eight to be exact.
Ran her finger smoothly on the face of a screen
Scanning over images, videos, graphics
Much of the reading done on the phone
Lockdown exhausting
With family stay home
India tested positive for stupidity, She typed
Freedom of woman
Tossed upside down
No time to casually chat with close friends
Days become nights in one printed dress
Dressing up for house chores is no fun
Movies on TV channels are all re-runs.
China needed this drama
So they created Covid19
Precious lives
Lost to the disease each day
No freedom to step out of cozy home
For shopping
Beauty parlour
No freedom to stroll for morning walk
New crisis emerges everyday
When will this end?
Will it ever end?
Will the freedom of expression
Ever begin?
F is for 'Freedom'

A2Z April Challenge E is for Empathy

Strange are the times
During these lockdown days
The circles we drew at our art class are drawn on the streets
Outside Kirana to shop for grains
You stand inside the circle and wait for your turn
At a safe distance, like in street games, you order for supplies in one frame
Unaware of the fear of
The man at grocery store
Who wears gloves and mask
Like a spider man
He separates each tin of rice, oil, lentils
Careful, so as not to be the carrier of Covid19
Your eyes shine bright when you see fruits available
There are even fresh veggies
Sold around the corner
You quickly shop by dozens
Picking out the best
Carefully wash them as quickly as you can
Times are hard unlike those normal days
You ordered from online stores or at big fancy malls
You boasted about the availability of ordering online
The basket arrived with ease at the comfort of your home.
"Dont go to Kirana
Let me order on line"
Said the witty young girl
With curly ponytail
With ease she tapped her keys
Ordered veggies, fruits and cheese
Fancy malls, online shops
Failed her miserably
Few meters away from my own cozy house
Kirana proved to be the saving grace.
Empathy, have I for those who risk their lives
Delivery boys, doctors medicine man
Understanding the virtue against all odds
The show at the circus must go on
E is for 'Empathy"

A2Z April Challenge D is for Distancing

Lonely plastic chairs
Waiting for human to come
Share their spicy news
They love to hear the stories of women who would come every evening for a fresh air.
It is interesting
while they chat about envy, hate, jealousy, love
"I have a new recipe
Of a chocolate cake" boasts one woman
Tell, tell me the recipe" says the other woman while she hugs the arm of the chair.
Some evenings there is a chat about TV programs new.
They talk about the actors as if they were related too
Best evenings are those when they have conflicting discussions at a high pitch tone and they walk away in anger, dropping the chair on its knees.
Lately there has been none
closer to them.
Lonely chairs
They sit in utter gloom,
side by side,
some distant apart,
Awaiting for somebody to sit in their lap
They see the residents
Drive away in fancy cars and return with grocery shopping bags
Nobody comes closer
Everybody ignore them
None have come to tell them the stories of Covid19
They sit idle, bored wondering
when the social distance
is likely to end
D is for 'Distancing"

A2Z April Challenge C is for Coping

Everyday I look out
I see nothing but trees
Every pane in my house has the same scene
Different shades of greens
Melodious sounds of birds
Crows swing on cables
Rocking with the wind.
I wander from room to room
Twindling my thumbs
How could I ever be trapped in my own home.
I had asked my house help
To move into my house
To help me with the dishes
Cleaning, washing and swabbing
She nodded her head
As if to say yes
But fear of Covid was spreading
She didnt report to work
Dishes piled up in the kitchen sink
Spiders relate their web stories
Soles under my feet turned dark grey
Who cares?
The door bell was not likely to ring
Nobody to judge me.
As the days passed
Stress began to built
I dusted off my skirt
We can cope with stress when we learn to adjust
When we know there is no other scheme
Acceptance is the key that helps us understand
We adapt and change our scene
Two weeks now I have learnt to cope
The chains around my ankles
Hurt me no more
Life is no struggle if we know how to cope
Washing clothes or chopping greens
No task is painful if we know how to ease
Till the lockdown has collapsed
C is for 'Coping"

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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