Friday, March 21, 2014


Some will praise you
Some will curse
Only u will judge what life you have endured
Whether u succeed
Or you fail
U will leave behind you
Your signature and your 

Turning Eighteen

When she turned 18, 
her favorite aunt 
looked closely at her, 
touching softly her cheeks 
with the back of her fingers, 

she said 
"Baby fat has departed your body. 
I see maturity touching your skin.. 
walk with grace now..
there is a wild stromy beach ahead..
u will need a sun screen."

Happy Holi

No, no, no, 
no color on me
Want not I
to play Holi
I will eat
but only if its free
I will take
Yellow Jelabi
Clothes are new
and clean
stain not with red
green or chocolaty
Play with your friends
Let me peep from here
high above
from my netted balcony

Watch out
Happy Holi!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am Woman

I am the woman
who has never been in love
with a material world

what use are the jewels
if they don't bring respect
if I can't walk straight 
with my head in the air

I am the woman 
who will do anything
to bring peace into this world

if only I could train
Minds of this lopsided world
and bring security
to young and fragile

I am the woman
who want to fix
the nuts and bolts of tec-wired world

Through virtual updates
I must connect
the blind and the sight
to maintain good vibes

I am the woman
who hopes to live
in a colorful world
safe and sound
with love earned
through my own funds
with fresh air to breathe
Sunshine beneath
and stretch my thoughts
beyond fixed borders
in firm security

I am the woman
who wants not be crushed
because of my fragrance
and my naive smile.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pain, My regular Guest

Friend asks "Is your pain gone?"
I ask "Which one?"

The one that pinched me down my waist 

and had me crippled for a week?

Or the one that kept me wide awake 

and wouldn't permit me to eat?

Are you talking about one I had 

when I didn't, all night, sleep a wink?

Or one when you sat next to me 
and you wept bitterly instead of me?

Pain like tourist, visits me,
testing my strength from time to time
Walking, crouching all over me
but never reaching beneath my thought
Its physical, nothing serious, my friend,
Leans against me till I too bend

Soon its retreats
I know it will be back

cause it love me loads

When it comes this time
I hope, 
With force 
to be of a milder tone

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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