Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A2Z April Challenge B for Beauty

Locked down into my home since many days
But know about the streets of my city, glittering clean.
With humans trapped inside their home
Mother nature is making a comeback.
Watched TV on a big screen
Saw smog cleared from air.
Few months ago
The vision was blurred
A curtain of haze separated man
Traffic moved blindly
Unable to see
Pure air was none
No one could breathe.
Its when human lockdown in their home
No persons strolling anywhere
The mother nature has made a comeback.
I hear that animals are walking down the streets,
Manicuring the gardens off its weeds.
The peacock entered a housing society
Fanning out its feathers like a colorful wreath
Dancing like a ballerina on the streets.
Roads are clear.
No beeping sounds
There is no litter anywhere
Mother nature has made a comeback.
Birds are chirping happily
Hopping from tree to tree
Flowers have bloomed
Look! Colours every where
Sweet fragrance fills the air
With humans out of sight
Their materialistic wealth
Faded in the fake world
Mother nature has spread its magic wand
In every inch of space
There is spec of beauty flair
The mother nature has made a comeback
B is for 'BEAUTY'

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A2Z April Challenge A for Ambiguity

Mornings are spent, 
sitting by the window, 
listening to the birds sing, 
there is silence everywhere, 
not a sound of the wind, 
everything has come to a stand still. 
I think about day, 
what will it be, 
there is nothing new happening around. '
Ten days now, 
I sit behind the window grill, 
waiting for the virus to disappear.
 Its not easy, 
stopping the globe, 
when there are many things pending, 
there is considerable ambiguity 
about what to expect tomorrow, 
we have no choice 
but to be locked down 
 till it s safe to stretch again....

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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