Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Celebrating Lohri

All dey people walking this way that way
Shaking their heads, mumbling happy Lohri
Dey drummer beating dey drums loudly
I closing ma ears so I hear it softly
Women dey dressed in ethnic shiny clothes
Dancing with their friends in muddy naked toes
Me I dey ask aunty will she tango with me
Uh uh..
But bIg mamma, she never listen O

Friend pulling my arm, asking me to stand beside her
Long queue look like centiped rope
Everybody in queue holding paper plates
Hungry people waiting patiently for dey turn
There is pulao, bread, bhajiya and mix vegetables stew
Big mamma telling me
It is free food
fill your plate, eat till you drop dead
Me I dey ask aunty who paid the bill
Uh uh
But big mamma she never listen O

In the centre of the compound is the burning flame
With red orange tongue wagging as in a game
People going round, round, round the flame
throwing popcorn, til laddoos on the ground
Too much food stuff on the floor
More people come with more popcorn, laddoo
Me I dey ask aunty why people wasting so much food
Big mamma say that they are praying to dey God of flames
Me I dey ask again why they wasting food
Uh uh
But big mamma dey never listen O

Everybody pouting and clicking selfie
Everybody busy on their phone
Nobody hearing the phone conversation
But people l chatting on the line
Texting is better than talking aloud
Me I dey ask aunty why people use their phone
They should be praying and praying to God alone
Uh uh
But big mamma dey never listen O

Big mamma she dey want to sit by herself now
Me I dey ask aunty can we go home
Big mamma say fun has just begun
Uh uh
Me I dey no answer nothing O

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
It feels good to be appreciated
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