Tuesday, April 09, 2013

April Challenge- Day 9 - Insomnia

It’s past midnight
All is quiet
Sights and sounds
Have lost their beep
Eyes droop head is heavy
I think
I should go to sleep

Stretched on bed, I lay
My head on pillow, but
Sleep walks away
Toss and turn, I
Count hundred sheep
But crazy, dancing thoughts
Have a coffee break.

Next-door neighbor
Was rude today
Like a pirate at the open seas
Blocked my ears
But picked up few words
Now in loops they play
On my mind

What was the mantra?
I had learnt at yoga camp
Close my eyes
Take deep breath
Ohm Ganpatey naam
Ohm Ganpatey naam
Ohm Ganpatey naam

Mind drifts off again

Check has bounced
Insufficient funds in bank
Should I borrow or beg,
Or take a loan
Maybe I could rob a bank
but how?
Toss and turn again

Sleep won’t come
I give up
News channel
Can be a great help

Heated discussions
On the speech
Made by Rahul Gandhi
He will win elections, he won’t
He will win, 
No, he won’t
He will, he won’t
He will, he won’t

Don’t know when I fell asleep.


  1. atleast rahul's speech came to some use :P
    Good one ..

  2. Haha! you bet!! thank you so much :))


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