Saturday, April 06, 2013

April Challenge- Day 6. 'Please Respect Women'

Paper headline scream, every
Leaf mentions violence of
Every type, hooting, hurling abuse
At girls, they grope weaker
Sex. Most Romeos
Eves-tease, even when decently dressed

Rape, I dread to read news
Everyday, one more woman lost her
Soul, like hungry dog on street they walk
Pervert minds cares not about
Emotions of an innocent
Child, with lust in heart, shamelessly
Torture women for their own delight

Women are breathing beauty
Of unlimited joy and passion, they give
Men a reason to live, she is
Enchantment, a mantle for collecting pain
Never show disrespect to any woman.


  1. Wow!! How creative are you. You can write verses for everything :) I keep hopping on and reading them, even if I don't comment. Keep 'em coming!

  2. thank you so much Simran, just when I thought nobody is reading, u encourage me to write..thank you so much :))


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