Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April Challenge - Day 3 - Dear Footsie

Dear Footsie -I Need Some Fresh Air

No more excuses
You no immigrant
Standing on a wharf
You know your way around
I need some fresh air

Passage unsafe, you say
Potholes and fractured roads
Of Mumbai
Have chipped your bones frail

Three months now since
You last missed your step
Over an innocent stone
Broke an ankle bone
On milk and bread, I let you rest

Courageous is one
That after every fall
Reaches for a moon
The one who wait
For greener times
Never sweats

What is pain?
Just an attention seeking
To cripple happiness
Of a soul

Ignore it now
Life goes on,
Every scar reminds
that our past was real
And we survived

Stand up, dear Footsie
I speak to you
I need some fresh air

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Thank U for this award
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