Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Challenge Day 23 - Goodbye

I came to say goodbye
You lifted your bags
Tossed it on roller
Saw it disappear
There were tears in your eyes
They glittered in dark
Like pearls
Brighter than the shine of your love
In my heart

Love finds different ways to express
In smiles and sometime in tears

Goodbye is the sad word
Silent and heavy
A lump in the throat
A stone in the sling
I moved away, after a quick hug
And walked with brisk steps
Not turning back to see
If you were still standing there

Sharp emotions don’t get chilled
Many winters may come and go

Today, my eyes dry, unhinged
Unable to express the pain I feel
Final goodbye is difficult
There is no baggage to go with you
Just a wooden coffin edged with lace
This too will melt with you 
Nothing will be left after you go
Except a flimsy skeleton and
A portrait on my wall
Of you

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Thank U for this award
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