Friday, April 19, 2013

April Challenge Day 19 - Memories

Sepia memories
Buried deep into the
Inner recesses of my mind
Lie dormant for years
Panning from the left
Suddenly I see her
No, not her
Just a twinkle in her eyes
Watery cobalt
Camera zooms
That summer afternoon
Many years ago
I had cooked her favorite meal
Green spicy gravy
She had washed off her plate
Not a morsel left
Asked for some more
There were none
Camera swings around to the day
I cooked fish once again
Same recipe
Spicy and green
For my dearest aunt
Too late
Camera panning to her memories
Stained with age
Zoomed in to see
The same glimmer like the one
Many years ago
Memories fade away
Once again
Buried deep into the
Inner recesses of my mind

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Thank U for this award
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