Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Challenge- Day 14 -Digitally Connected

Today I remembered Mom again
When dialed from my shiny phone
To my maternal uncle
Thousands of miles away, in another zone

Technology has improved a lot
I could skype with him
Face to face, I watched him smile
Mom would have loved that

Secretly she used to make
Long distance calls
But always watched her dime
Her talk lasted for fixed time

Two minutes chat on the phone
Made her chirpy all day
Now we live in digital world
Mom would have loved that

Its free calls now
On Viber, Face Time, skype
Can also chat on unlimited bytes
On every lonely nights

Wish there was a digital connection
Would call her everyday
Up to the heaven, and
Hear her voice filtered through rays

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  1. thank you for you comment..glad u liked it.. :))


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