Saturday, August 23, 2008

hai wu

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 19th - 31st August

# 11

Irresponsible lass
Puffing away her hard earned cash
On a cloud of black mess


Stingy Paul
Won’t spend no penny nor a dime
Eating steamed rice with a stale lime


Said one chair to another
Here comes bum with a sexy flair


Elephant had difficulty
Finding a wife, he needed a surgery
Of his dental spike


Red hot cigarettes,
Drugs and pipes
Friends of short lived Johns and Mike


Pregnant Susan went by bus
To get herself operated
She got stuck in a traffic jam
And found herself stranded


I am in bliss
I just had a miss
Of fowl breathed kiss


Shaft is bent, hands so sweaty
Whacked like a sucker, I can hardly walk
To be desired, a follow-through leaves a lot
Hold on, I need to wash my balls
And put them back into this golf bag

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Thank U for this award
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