Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poetry Party

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 19th - 31st August

Although most of my poems are bad, I am pleased to write one for this special fornight.....Thanks to Caferati, it has plaform for bad poetry too....merrily I will use jarring or discordant sounds, happily I can irritate the good poets.....

There was an invitation
To the read-meet of poetry
Just two block away
From my normal route of loitering

I rhymed and chimed the verses
As I saw the poets passing
But none heard my poems
Although all were so classic

They didn’t even look at me
For that I was angry
I tortured them then
By spewing out my bad poetry

Stop! Said the poet
A distinguished member of that clan
Please don’t rhyme any more
You might ruin the party plan

Your poetry has no meter
It is worse than a broken disc
You might create a commotion
And that I cannot risk

Friends, come on over here
Bring six bottles of beer
Drain it down his throat
So that he cannot swear

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!
Hic! Hic! Hic!

I was a good poet, hic
I could perform a good poetry
But they did not invite me
Those Gawd-Damn, blistering... Hic!

1 comment:

  1. Hehehe! You failed! This is quite an interesting poem.
    Do we disqualify you on those grounds?


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