Saturday, August 30, 2008

Godawful Poetry - 28

Godawful Poetry Fortnight - 19th - 31st August

# 28

Aah! That Godawfool fortnight

During this godawfool fortnight
I have sat under this godawful torchlight
Eating this godawful Samosa
That I normally have at every godawfool meet-aah
With that godawful alcohol
That is served with those godawful cola
After those godawfool burbs
I head towards those godawfool suburbs
I had gone there in that godawful train
And was stuck in that godawful rain
I would go there every godawful season
Even though I had no godawfool reason
During one of those godawfool trips
I had almost lost my godawful grips
I wore that godawful toupee
And went for that godawfool endoscopy
I thought I was godawful clever
Until I met more godawfool braver
He was there on that godawful blog
Blogging about his godawfool dog
Thats when I developed that godawful rash
And I had to make quick godawful dash
Even though it looked like godawful zit
This is no godawfool tit
I stopped caring about that godawful license
I didn’t want to be under any godawfool influence
I would have landed in that godawfool hell
Had I not rung that timely godawful bell
Surrounded by those so many godawfool grinners
I elected myself as godawfool winner
Cause, though all were godawfool dummy
I guess, mine´s was most godawfool funny

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