Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bejing Olympics 2008

recorded the music
´Chak de India´
Just in case,
One of them
A bit faster
Than the rest
And gets one gold
Or more
From the city
That is painted
Orange and red

I see them all
Behind my plasma
Jay walking
Pausing a moment
You are right
They might bring gold
My country men
You see them there
Wearing smile
With desi dress in

If I were sporty
Or talented
Or rich
Or influential
To pull the strings
Of luck
I too
Would walk proudly
Savouring the limelight
But alas!
I cannot
And I am feeling

Later that evening
With family and friends
We betted
On their victory
With wine and bread
There were chops and chicken
And mutton and beef
But me
Being a veggie
All I ate was
The Greens

Enjoying Beijing Olympics
Coated with every hue
Be it orange, green, white or red
Or even if they have
All shades
Of blue


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Thank U for this award
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