Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Diwali During Pandemic

 So this Diwali is going to be unique..

will wish everybody online...

dress up,

wear only new t-shirt or new stole..

skirt or pants not important..

the upper body matters..

do nice make up,

(dont worry about grey hair...its trending)

wear jewellery (if u must)..

prepare sweets just for urself..

if u wish to send..

connect with home chefs..

make nice lunch...traditional if u must

but eat alone..or with ur family..

or with ur next door neighbors

(they r family now..too close perhaps)...

Gift yourself a diwali goodies..
spend quality time in every room...
enjoy fresh air from your balcony...
pamper self..
Hopefully there will be no crackers..
so it should be quiet.
.but u can meditate in peace...
praying is trending,
non stop instalive is trending.
Stay safe..
be happy..
its not going to last forever ..
take care of your health
and dont go under depression.
Drink a glass of wine
(if u must)
Happy u and ur family and.....ur next door neighbors
Gitoo Shafizadah, Saloni Mirchandani Malkani and 35 others

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Thank U for this award
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