Wednesday, April 28, 2021

All Days Seems The Same

 All days seems the same

Morning wake up, 

night for sleep, 

hours between, 

home activities tweaked

Helper walks in to wash the dishes, 

clean the floor, 

dust the room. 

There is nothing much left for me to do

Except press keys on my phone

 to chat, 

to inquire 

if there will be some adventures to explore,

 or just watch 

visual, virtual, colorful images and endless shows

Is this new normal life?

Lost appetite,

 there is no taste

No more, 

all food tastes just the same..

sweet is sweet, 

sour is sour and

 bitter is oh so bitter

I long for travel

 to distant land

Capture the images of

Wind and sand

Meet new people

Shop new designs

But no incentive for such pleasures

Just black and white

 is new normal

Those who say their life is good

 are big liars

Too proud to admit 

that they are bored.

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