Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I never feel lonely because I am never alone.

I think loneliness is the result of low self esteem. People, who expected too much from other people and depend on others to cater to their demands, are more prone to loneliness.

If we have enough activities of our own and know how to utilize the time, we will not experience loneliness. People usually feel lonely when they have the change of environment. They are too shy to go out and make new friends and spend long hours brooding over lost relationship. A person living alone may not feel lonely and a person surrounded by many people can feel lonely; it is the state of mind.

To avoid loneliness, we should go out and reach out to people instead of waiting for people to come to us. Children are the great source of joy; lonely people can surround themselves with children and watch them play. Another way to overcome loneliness is to develop interest in some hobby, be it reading, writing, painting or cooking. Keeping a pet in the house can also be of great help.

Overall, the best way to avoid loneliness is to remove the focus of pity from oneself and reach out to world, speak to people, smile a lot, make an effort, get involved, do something new and try to find ways to make a difference in some body’s life. By giving happiness to others, our own happiness returns back, the spirit of well being returns and loneliness quietly leaves from the back door.

Thank U for this award

Thank U for this award
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