Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Hunger Pangs at Midnight

In the middle of the night, 
hunger pangs set in

Dinner was six hours ago
It was light and crispy
It was quite filling
But that was six hours ago
Its dark night out there
No vendors on the street
Dinner plates washed and dried on the shelf
Where do I go
Who will cook for me
All friends asleep
In wrinkled pajamas or nightie
Empty tummy simply roars
Food, give food, it groans
Bare foot I slowly walk
To the kitchen
To scan for mid night snack
Behind the door
Roasted peanuts with salt and pepper
A stale garlic bread in the fridge
Oh, and there is kurkure, onion chips
And also there is cold Jalebi
There is cheese
There are chocolates
Some hazel nuts
Oh there is cake
with cream and walnut
There are eggs
There is bread
There are left over shreds
There are apricots
There are dried berries
There is tomato juice
Also ole wine
Its middle of night
Soon there will be twilight
Should I eat
Should I drink
Should I cook
Should I feast
Or simply
go back to sleep

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