Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Unloved

Valentine day depart with grace
People return to normal self
Love now wrapped in silken thread
Sits on shelf,  lips scratched

Baby howls, there is no bread
Mother runs house to shack
Greedy world wont leave her alone
Must pay a price for favor done
Where is love? A passion flower
For every bloom, desires lust

Murderers plague the city streets
Leaders accept bribe and gifts
Orphans roam naked, confused
Officers bully with ego, pride
Where does one go?
One has no home
Heaven hates you
Justice flawed

Love is such a tricky game
Freedom squeezed
Breathless, lame
You are mine, I am truly yours
Emotions entangled to suffocation

Pure love simply cease to exist
Eye for eye
Kiss for kiss
In this world of empty cliches
There is nothing but
A twist of verse

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Thank U for this award
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