Saturday, April 25, 2015

Poetry Challenge Month Day Fourteen Sense Of Ending

‪#‎NaPoWriMo‬ prompt: Sense of ending
Last time I met him
He had packed his bag
His hair still ruffled
A drop of sweat on his neck
He said he needed to go
To be with the nature
To explore the rough hills
To climb the peak
What could I say?
Silently I went in the kitchen
Wrapped chicken sandwich
Just for a day
Take good care of yourself
Do not stress much
Eat proper meals everyday
He didn't seem to care
Was uncomfortable at my stare
With a quick uncomfortable hug
Faltering steps, he was gone
To follow his dream
The news screamed images
Of broken streets
Crumbled houses
Shattered glass panes
Cruel nature sometimes
Has bad temper
Where is he?
Hope he is safe
Hundred thoughts come buzzing
In my mind
I stare blankly at the screen
With silent prayers
Lingering on my lips
I look closely at every dusty face
Some rescued
Some still under debris
Where is he?
Hope he is safe
Too scared to know
I shut my eyes in tight anticipation
With trembling fingers
I send quick message on facebook page
Where are you?
Hope you are safe
No answer

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