Monday, October 20, 2014

Back to Routine

Two weeks ago 
House was cramped
brown boxes scattered
across my new home
A caravan of emotions 
crawled empty walls,
I looked around
for room to sit in silence
but where was the peace?
Difficult to peel off the old
heart bled
I tore off
tattered pages of memories
could hang on
no more
on silken thread of rust,
only fresh and new
can remain.
scrap by scrap,
rag by rag,
each item tossed
out of my door.
The things
that survived
the thorny times,
boxes have melted
furniture smiles
each useful article
stacked over new pile
Now at ease
I mold back to squeeze in
Have begun to wrap
once again
my new home
I feel it breathing
with warmth and love
Have begun
to find my soul
Its time to burn

a new lamp
to rediscover
my new comfort zone.

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Thank U for this award
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