Tuesday, May 03, 2011


I can’t lead a private life
The wind on this street knows me
It breathes down my neck round the clock
Tip-taps my shoulder and squeals

If I wore the veil today
And disappeared for a while
Swished with worry, would ask around
From every hay, plant and tree

If I moved to distant land
Folded my life around me
Built high wall to conceal myself
The wind would still unfurl me

Its lonely life for known man
His freedom killed and bleeds
Can’t walk with birds like a free man
Or even enjoy some breeze.


  1. bless you,

    unique view on life.

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    so touching, powerful. deep. loved it.

  3. wonderful write! Here's to thinking of ourselves less -- not thinking less of ourselves :)

  4. I like this especially, "the wind on this street knows me" and also how you ended it.
    Good Potluck entry.

  5. Thank you all so much :))

  6. Thanks for linking to poets rally.

    you rock.

  7. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Great poem. I identify with the sentiments, as I often find myself wanting to escape from a life where I'm known, but always end up realizing that "the wind would still unfurl me", no matter how many times I start over. I love how you captured that.

  8. Wow, terrific write.

  9. Many allusions in this writing - well done.

  10. Thank you so much :))

  11. Thanks for the images, thoughts, skill.

  12. Anonymous9:08 PM

    "Built high wall to conceal myself
    The wind would still unfurl me"

    Beautiful, touching and wonderfully wrought, thank you!


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