Friday, August 20, 2010

Rigid rules govern our life

Rules tie me down with strict chains of discipline

“Can do this”
“Cannot do that”
“What will people say”
“Behave yourself”
Endless sermons from tight lipped men

There are thoughts in process brewing in my brain
Raw unfulfilled desires flushed down the drain
You judge me at every speech and even when I am quiet
Truth unguarded, pretense is your pride


I am born different, then you sympathize
You are ready to adjust
For you cannot decide
All your rules bend
There is freedom for me
I will sit on the floor
While you stretch over to teach
You forget all your rules
You will adjust and say
“Be yourself!”
“It’s all right”
All that because
I am a special child

I have freedom to sit wherever I please
at my strange posture you are never displeased

You give me freedom to play with toys of my choice
I don't hear you whimper, You have a sweet voice

You allow me the freedom to choose my own best friend
Unknown to you are the vague society trends

You enter my world and understand my unique kingdom
Wait a minute..I speak thus under my Frames of Freedom


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    nice post,

    “Be yourself!”
    “It’s all right”

    it is very true statement

  2. cool pic and nice lines.
    Best of luck for the contest.

  3. Anonymous2:13 AM

    superb is the word for this one!
    very fantastic.
    such true words n free thoughts..
    the finest i have seen n read so far on freedom..
    worth a clap!

  4. Thank you Adhvan, Anshul, Easyvivek Thank you so much!! :))

  5. lines written by u and pics too have ctually touched my heart,very well done

  6. Thank you Yavnika :))

  7. “Be yourself!”
    “It’s all right”
    All that because
    I am a special child

    Hey I am speechless, really profound!

  8. Thank you Pratibha and Palak Vasant
    Thank you so much :))

  9. hmmm unique it is... well nicely presented.....

    all da best

    nd ya if you hav tym please go through my post(im a new blogger) nd leave a comment about wat you feel like.... thanks..


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