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Final Goodbye

Just one pair of slippers, one set of robes
One picture of me with a smile adorned

A wee bit of cash, suffice for last rites
Await I in queue, at heavenly gates, outside

Time moves closer, the deeds must be right,
Finishing off my chores, keeping aches aside

Chains cannot break without a fight
Packing all your love, leaving hatred behind

Free from attachment, will hop to another world
Shall leave this strange world for another light

Final journey may end with a brisk good bye
Each moment now, a bonus day and night

Mourn not my death, it is but a waste
For I may never visit your obituary page

You may too wait behind, just don’t cut my line
There are no shortcuts, we all go when ripe.

But till we meet again in heaven or in hell
You may touch me a moment
Before a brief good bye

What’s on my mind:

Death is a reality, we should all be ready to go anytime. If we learn to live each day of our life as an extra bonus day, we learn to appreciate life. That is why it is important to keep our selves happy at all times because we live only once and every moment should be cherished.

Why do we feel so sad when the thought of going away from this world comes to our mind? Why are we afraid of death?

It is true that whenever we are in pain we want to end this pain. We want to be released from this pain journey, we lose our endurance and our tolerance. But when we see our near and dear ones, we change our minds. We don’t wish to go. We are terribly attached to this world. Attached not only to people but also to our things, to our materialistic possession even though we clearly know that we will take nothing with us, We don't need anything, but enough to last for one journey from this world to the next, only one pair of clothes to cover us and little money to bury us but still, we spend all our lives chasing the gold.

The main goal of our life is to find happiness and spread it. With happiness, we can add humor to our lives. That humor is the spirit that keeps us going. Those who don’t have sense of humor spend their life in self pity, becoming more and more miserable and in depression; all that one can think is the final goodbye….

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  1. u know, Pushpee, what I like about this most is how you've presented it.. the lines are long, but you've split it into two liners, so one doesn't get bored or lose the flow!

    and a strong wordplay too..

    ATB for BAT :)

  2. The final goodbye before embarking on the last journey - beautiful take!!
    The topic of death and parting ways has been nicely handled by you.
    Beautiful poetry and loved "what's on your mind" too, Pushpee!! :)

  3. A philosophical take on goodbye..interesting! really liked the poem esp this 'You may too wait behind, just don’t cut my line
    There are no shortcuts, we all go when ripe.' Well done Pushpee!

  4. Thank you so much Vivek, Leo, Rumya, Jaspreet :))

  5. WHoa!
    The poem is as amazing as the thought behind it.
    Very philosophical and yet so true to life.
    However the thought of my own death doesnt sadden and scare me as much as the possibility that I may have to wait behind in the line and say goodbye to a loved one..:(
    Great post Pushpee
    ATB for this BAT...:D

  6. Not many people write about Death!!!! Interesting read....

  7. Wow. As beautiful the poem you have composed is as meaningful the lesson of life before death that you've explained.
    ATB for BAT13
    Gkam - Goodbye

  8. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Beautiful poem all the best for BAT

  9. Death is indeed the final goodbye. Really enjoyed reading the poem as well as the prose. All the best for BAT 13.

  10. @Vibhuti - I think you are quite young to think of death and be scared of it...This fear of death comes much later in life when we get attached to worldly things and do not want to let go...and ofcourse saying goodbye to the loves one is quite difficult...Thank you so much for sharing ur thoughts :))
    Thank you Vikram, gkam, Maddie and dreamer...thank you so much....:))

  11. The message is simple. The words that convey it are simple as well. But somehow it has a profound impact. I wish we could chat up about this perhaps after BAT 13.

    I feel, happiness has its uncanny ways. In fact I've written a little something on happiness/loneliness myself (Gulzar) you might like it.

  12. death is the truth of life... we cannot avoid it...
    beautifull expressed and written...

  13. "The main goal of our life is to find happiness and spread it." - very well said although I differ on one point. I dont believe that we feel sad when death is near because we are attached to this world. Instea, i believe its because then we look back and think of the dreams unfulfilled... just my belief, i may be wrong :)

    anyways loved the sweet poetic way u put your thoughts across and followed it up with the note below.. all the best for BAT :)\


  14. Very well said, and death is truth and end of life.. Very beautifully done..

    All The Best for BAT 13.

    Do stop by Gmsaravana - Goodbye

    If you wish to save a heart, then do stop by Save a Heart! Initiative. Do take the pledge and vote if you wish..

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  15. Anonymous3:28 AM

    An interesting take , presented quite well !! Its true , we all are attached to life and its musings so much , that we try to run away from the truth which is another face of life -death ..You have crafted this poem so beautifully , weaving some of the truth in such simple way !! A beautiful poem , really :) All the best for BATOM :)

  16. Philosophies are easy to be preached but hard to follow. We might say that we don't fear death but I know and you know what's the truth, don't we? Anyway, I liked the poem very...very much and the "What's on my mind" explained it all. There's nothing wrong if we fear death but we gotta live the fullest until we die.
    All the best for BAT! :)

  17. @ Nethra - We do fear death but when you are old and in your death bed, why do u still want to fear death for it is inevitable! And I believe the post is this context.

    @Pushpee - Wow! Wow!!

  18. Thank you Sidra Sayeed. Chatting on this topic after BAT13 is a good idea. I will surely walk over to your blog to read about happiness/loniliness and you views on this....
    Thank you so much :))

    Thank you so much Rajlakshmi :))

  19. Thank you Tavish..I beleive that dreams have no boundaries and they can never be saturated so we have to draw a line somewhere.I have seen fear in the sick ppl's eyes and have been much saddened at their helplessness. Some years ago, I had a aunt who was on her last stages of Cancer and she would cry for help to save her saying that she is not ready to go as yet cause she had some unfinished work....that is why I said that we should treat each day as an extra bonus day and not leave things for tommorrow, if we live the present and be happy to live each day as it comes that we are not likely to fear death.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts

  20. Thank you someoneis special..will surely hop over to your blog on save a heart and make a pledge if it helps

    Thank you very glad that you liked it :))

  21. Thank you Nethra..its true that it is easier to preach philosoplies but difficult to follow...but if we believe in what we preach and know it to be true than it becomes easier to understand it and accept it as a way of life...

    Thank you Vee, thank you so, so very means a lot to me :))

  22. Very well written, simply too good.

  23. thank God, I have a balanced sense of humor, which means I am really enjoying this mortal life...:)

    i surmise you possess a great sense of humor!

    this is a very nice post!

    all the best for BAT!

  24. I liked the poem....and i agree death is a reality

  25. Pushpee, I wish my exit is as smooth and planned as this ..... I know I should comment on how you've written - but you inspired me to plan my exit - that is the brilliance of your work

  26. "There are no shortcuts, we all go when ripe....."

    loved this line.....

    Intriguing post ...

  27. Hopefully C you in hell.. :)

    Musical representation of some one saying good bye or was it C ya?


  28. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Though death is a reality ...we still want to live in denial ....its true we should a line somewhere to limit our dreams, aspirations and live every day as a bonus but still we plan and try to control our future including death ....

  29. Thank you Harsha :))

    Thank you Amity...yes humour keeps us going in this otherwise blac/white world :))

    Thank you Shahid..:))

    No Ritu, don't go as have lotsa a blogging to do and I love visiting u ... though we all wish for smooth exit, it is not as smooth and planned as such..thank you for visiting me :))

  30. Thank you Mahesh :))

    Thank you Makk..hahahaha! I am going to hell for sure :))

    Thank you Dmanji yeah..we do try to control everything thinking we can..alas! somebody of higher authority has our strings, we just have to try to live happily in every condition ..thanks for visiitng my blog :))

  31. Anonymous2:52 AM

    A wonderful post that beautifully brought life's truth in a philosophical way.
    "We don't need anything, but enough to last for one journey from this world to the next, only one pair of clothes to cover us and little money to bury us but still, we spend all our lives chasing the gold."
    I totally agree with you there :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  32. Yes, splendid thoughts, death is reality and the motive in life is not to live longer but create things that would.

  33. Thank you dialoguewithyou and Siddhesh..thank you so much :))

  34. Blogger ate my first comment, I guess. So writing again.

    Well, that was brilliant, Pushpee. Very subtly weaved, about life, death and reality. I so loved the last few lines. And the note at the end helped a lot in understanding the poem more clearly. (am not good at understanding poems, you see. No matter how simple they are) :D
    Kudos! All the best!

  35. Thank you soooo much Kartik, for ur re-visit and posting ur comment again....thats very sweet of u...appreciate ur comments, knowing that u don't understand my poems but u still have positive comments to make..thank u very much..all the best to u too :)

  36. Wonderful- wonderful and may I add where were you hiding this spark before? ;-)
    This is strikingly well written.

  37. Hi, I am not very comfortable with the thinking that "we are just chasing an elusive materialistic need as we'll take nothing along with us when we die".. Bcoz a person doesnt take birth to die but takes birth to live a life.. yes, its true sumtimes the mind does ponder, why we need all this, bt at the end of day a comfortable life is wat we want.. If a person is comfortable with minimal possessions, its nice; but those who want more are also doing wat they want.. Giving due credit to ur write up, I might concur on one point tht blind chase for materialistic possessions may b bad and thr is a thin line b/w good and bad..

    And ofcourse a nice poem to put fwd ur views about life and death.. ATB :)

  38. Thank you Gyanbaan....did u know that ur blog is my inspirations..thank u so much :))

  39. Thank you Vipul...everybody has different take on life, for some its chase for happiness in humor n peace and some it's chase for searching happiness in materialistic world...but still, all the same, when life is ripe, its time to go
    Thank you soo much :))

  40. A very wonderful expression on such a reality of life. The poem is too good too.

    Simply inspiring...
    ...Packing all your love, leaving hatred behind
    ...Finishing off my chores, keeping aches aside

    ...For I may never visit your obituary page...

    All the best for BAT-13.
    Cheers :)

  41. Thank you soooooo much Shilpa....ATB to you too hugz :))

  42. I totally loved this post. Lately, I have been mulling over the relationships of pain, death, life and its purpose. Your poem gives comfort!
    Hugs and all the best!

  43. Thank you so much Hiyaa...hugz u back...ATB to u too :))

  44. A special thanks to Gyanban and Shilpa for cheering for me at BAT 13... don't know if I deserved it or not, but you sure did bring a smile to my face and made my day!!! Thank you sooooooo very much :))


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