Monday, January 28, 2008

Give me a role to play.

All the world is a stage
We are but the actors doing our part
Oops! I have got all mixed up
But, where are my reel lines?
I have forgotten my branded script
I am uttering all the used words

The character that I was to play
Didn’t demand this awful day
It is all so confusing
These dialogues cannot be mine
Help I don’t wish to do this
I really cannot mime.

Context defines the roles I play
It clearly defines my relationship
Best sailing will be those
Which I can maneuver it to precision
This role cannot be mine
Help! I don’t wish to mime

I wish to be aware of a situation
Acting the role as context demands
I cannot be the same person everywhere
Cannot be the same in every location

I want to choose my roles wisely
I want to wear the robes of perfection
I need a garb of a great actor
In this soap opera of love and affection

All the world is stage
Help me seek my part that is wise
I don’t wish to be mixed up
I need to reach a goal of salvation.

This gibberish, muttering rhymes
Help! I don’t really wish to do this.

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