Thursday, April 16, 2015

Poetry Writing Month…day eight When Hungry Eat

When Hungry Eat
I was not hungry
but I saw butter cookies
round and brown
staring at me
from the cabinet an hour ago
I had forgotten about it
When did I buy it?
I think it was a month ago
or maybe two
Supermarket is an evil place
transports me to spending spree
makes me buy things
I don't really need
savories that I may never eat
they look handsome on the grocery shelf
attractive packing
seductive snaps
They will look artistic on my kitchen cabinet
Perhaps I will consume this time
maybe I should nibble on it
maybe I will have visitors
Maybe I will hear
a kid in my neighborhood cry
Whatever the reason
simple or complicated
credit card swiped
butter cookies come home
stored away into my kitchen cabinet
out of sight
Till I discover them once again
at odd hours
a cursory glance, a surprise pop up
while i was looking for something else
Sometimes when hungry
I do eat
crumbly cookies on impulse
relishing its sweetness
in the middle of the night.

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