Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebrated Valentine Day the FB Way

FB is the place where we share status updates and on special days, our time line is full of similar messages. here are some of the messages that I posted during Valentine week.

Date 9th Feb : ate too many chocolates on Watsapp today

Date 11th Feb: There is so much love in the air..I only need to catch it

Date 13th Feb: 

Love has not lost its meaning
It only changed its level of priorities
Heart still somersaults, even skips a beat
When Biryani is cooked to perfection

Date: 13th Feb

Love- a tattooed feeling
Engraved over heart
Blazes fond memories

Date 14th Feb

On this pre-Valentine party, the contest was to write a mushy poem using the words pizza, pasta and cheese at the italian restaurant 'le Mangii' today. Everybody participated expressing their love in european style. The proud winner of the contest took his wife by her elbow n recited the mushy pasta feelings on a pizza date, singing 'tu cheese badi hai mast mast"...

Date 14th Feb

Will do what I love the most
Read write paint or roam
Meet people who have positive energies
Those who will caress my soul
Will snuggle in those memories
That brings the light into my eyes
On this day of Valentine
Will bathe with love and roll

Date: 14th Feb

My timeline is full of love torn Valentine greetings
Is there so much love in the air?

they talk of passions
flames of desire
the unquenchable thirst

but here I am in company
of married couple with
just few nuptial years.

there is no fire, silly
just shamelessly dressed up lusty words

cupid, chocolates, red roses
scintillate tender minds
arouse emotions of innocent kind
who yet have to explore love

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