Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thai Curry

Look here
You want to read my poetry

Of what I picked up, on my way
From my stock at pantry

Some basil
Some lemon
And pieces of galangal

Today in my kitchen
I followed a new recipe

In hot oil
I dumped
Few shots of coconut milk

Stirring, stirring, stirring, stirring
With basil, lemon, chilies

Some chicken
Some broccoli
Two spoons of paste greenery

Smelling, smelling, smelling, smelling,
The fragrance is so sweet

The richness
The quality
Taste chicken dipped in veggies

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out
Eat,  drool not over my delicious Thai curry

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Friday, March 21, 2014


Some will praise you
Some will curse
Only u will judge what life you have endured
Whether u succeed
Or you fail
U will leave behind you
Your signature and your 

Turning Eighteen

When she turned 18, 
her favorite aunt 
looked closely at her, 
touching softly her cheeks 
with the back of her fingers, 

she said 
"Baby fat has departed your body. 
I see maturity touching your skin.. 
walk with grace now..
there is a wild stromy beach ahead..
u will need a sun screen."

Happy Holi

No, no, no, 
no color on me
Want not I
to play Holi
I will eat
but only if its free
I will take
Yellow Jelabi
Clothes are new
and clean
stain not with red
green or chocolaty
Play with your friends
Let me peep from here
high above
from my netted balcony

Watch out
Happy Holi!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am Woman

I am the woman
who has never been in love
with a material world

what use are the jewels
if they don't bring respect
if I can't walk straight 
with my head in the air

I am the woman 
who will do anything
to bring peace into this world

if only I could train
Minds of this lopsided world
and bring security
to young and fragile

I am the woman
who want to fix
the nuts and bolts of tec-wired world

Through virtual updates
I must connect
the blind and the sight
to maintain good vibes

I am the woman
who hopes to live
in a colorful world
safe and sound
with love earned
through my own funds
with fresh air to breathe
Sunshine beneath
and stretch my thoughts
beyond fixed borders
in firm security

I am the woman
who wants not be crushed
because of my fragrance
and my naive smile.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Pain, My regular Guest

Friend asks "Is your pain gone?"
I ask "Which one?"

The one that pinched me down my waist 

and had me crippled for a week?

Or the one that kept me wide awake 

and wouldn't permit me to eat?

Are you talking about one I had 

when I didn't, all night, sleep a wink?

Or one when you sat next to me 
and you wept bitterly instead of me?

Pain like tourist, visits me,
testing my strength from time to time
Walking, crouching all over me
but never reaching beneath my thought
Its physical, nothing serious, my friend,
Leans against me till I too bend

Soon its retreats
I know it will be back

cause it love me loads

When it comes this time
I hope, 
With force 
to be of a milder tone

Friday, February 28, 2014

Share the snap shots of your thoughts

Share the snap shots of your thoughts
Tell me whats on your mind
I know there is storm brewing inside you 
that reflects the emotions of equal kind
The pain may not go away if you say
But holding hands you may find ease
Open your eyes,
you are not alone
Each one is fighting their own battle
Expecting peace to reach their goal

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebrated Valentine Day the FB Way

FB is the place where we share status updates and on special days, our time line is full of similar messages. here are some of the messages that I posted during Valentine week.

Date 9th Feb : ate too many chocolates on Watsapp today

Date 11th Feb: There is so much love in the air..I only need to catch it

Date 13th Feb: 

Love has not lost its meaning
It only changed its level of priorities
Heart still somersaults, even skips a beat
When Biryani is cooked to perfection

Date: 13th Feb

Love- a tattooed feeling
Engraved over heart
Blazes fond memories

Date 14th Feb

On this pre-Valentine party, the contest was to write a mushy poem using the words pizza, pasta and cheese at the italian restaurant 'le Mangii' today. Everybody participated expressing their love in european style. The proud winner of the contest took his wife by her elbow n recited the mushy pasta feelings on a pizza date, singing 'tu cheese badi hai mast mast"...

Date 14th Feb

Will do what I love the most
Read write paint or roam
Meet people who have positive energies
Those who will caress my soul
Will snuggle in those memories
That brings the light into my eyes
On this day of Valentine
Will bathe with love and roll

Date: 14th Feb

My timeline is full of love torn Valentine greetings
Is there so much love in the air?

they talk of passions
flames of desire
the unquenchable thirst

but here I am in company
of married couple with
just few nuptial years.

there is no fire, silly
just shamelessly dressed up lusty words

cupid, chocolates, red roses
scintillate tender minds
arouse emotions of innocent kind
who yet have to explore love

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Postcard From Spain

Dear Didi       date: 4nd March 2012
I shouldn’t have come to Spain, really, it’s taking me so much time to adjust. Okay, I admit that the roads are huge with three lanes on both side and beautiful colored flowers at the dividers. There are yellow, blue, red flowers everywhere. There are beautiful rock gardens under every bridge. There is sweet fragrance in the air. We drive at high speed of 130 and there is a separate lane for overtaking. There is no garbage or dust on the road. It’s a pleasure driving on these clean roads. But my happiness ends there. I am lonely. I miss my friends and family here. Madam hardly ever speaks to me. Our conversation is limited to just few syllables a day and most of the time I just nod my head in agreement. She is a busy woman, always attending to her clients or talking on the phone.
Okay, got to go, Madam is calling……

Dear Didi     Date: 6th May 2012
Today, madam asked me to come to the store to help her with little bit of cleaning. There are two more salesgirls at the store but they are always talking with each other. They waste so much time sitting idle, just waiting for clients. Madam does not tell them anything. They only smile when they see me but they never talk to me. They don’t know to speak in English, nor do they speak Hindi. I am learning Spanish. I have brought one book too. I know to count numbers from one to ten in Spanish and also know few words like ‘si’ ‘no’ ‘gracias’.  Madam told me to clean one window at the store. I remembered a joke. Do you remember that joke about a Sadarji who threw his spouse out of window and shouted “Love is in the air, love is in the air”. I wanted to tell that joke to those two salesgirls at the store. You had told me once that relating jokes is a good way to strike up a conversation. But how do I tell a joke in Spanish? Oh, I feel so helpless. I wanted to share this joke with somebody and have a good laugh; I can’t tell Madam, she has no sense of humor. It’s been quite a some time since I last laughed loudly. I went to the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror and told the joke to the image in the mirror.  Okay, I did have my dose of laughter but alone. Just me. I often do that.

Dear Didi       Date: 8th July 2012
This week, we had guests from India. There was too much work in the house. But it was nice to hear the familiar Indian language in the house. I even saw madam relaxing. Madam would take them out for sight seeing everyday but mornings they were all at home. There was so much laughter during breakfast time. I cooked special meals for them and they praised my cooking. One day they even invited me to accompany them to the bird park. I was so happy. I quickly went to my room and dressed in my dark pink skirt and floral t-shirt. I put a large sunflower clip in my hair. Remember those red plastic bangles, I wore them too. Madam was not happy with my dress-sense. She said that I would draw too much attention on the road. She made me change my clothes. I had to wear madam’s used jeans and dull grey blouse. What kind of place is this where I can’t even dress the way I like? Madam is very bossy.

Dear Didi       Date: 14th October 2012
It is such a pleasure receiving mail from you. I eager wait for your reply. Sometimes when I see the postman, I run to the door to ask him if there is any mail for me. No, I don’t talk much to him, I cannot, I have to ask him in gestures, because he speaks only Spanish. But he is very fair and handsome. I think he gets haircut from a ladies saloon, or maybe he knows some hairstylist. He looks like our Salman Khan. He is always very neatly dressed in his uniform of yellow shirt and yellow pant. He has a yellow bag too and you know what, he comes on yellow scooter, there is a small, white emblem of the post-office on his scooter.. He is so stylish really. Whenever he has letter for me, he gives me a very sweet smile. I am working very hard on my Spanish so that I can talk to him.

Dear Didi     Date 25th December 2012
I cannot tell you how excited I am. Today I got a Christmas gift. Guess who gave me? No, its not Madam, oh ok, she did give me a Christmas gift too, a dull brown color t-shirt that her friend had given her, she did not like it so she has passed it on to me. But I am so thrilled that I got an expensive perfume this Christmas. Salman Khan gave me. Actually his name is Pedro. Nowadays he comes regularly even though there is no letter for me. One day he even took me for a small ride on his yellow scooter, not very far, just at the end of the lane and back. It was so much fun. I have learnt so much Spanish from him. Whenever I make gestures to explain, he tells me a word for it. He has also given me few picture books. At night, after I finish all my housework. I learn Spanish.

Dear Didi         date 30th December 2012
I am very confused. Pedro wants to take me out for New Year night. He says there is a huge celebration at the city square. It is like a big fair and there are thousands of people on the street. There are many hotdogs and churro chocolate kiosks on the footpath. He says that he will buy for me grapes. People here pop 12 grapes into their mouth, one by one, when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. They welcome the New Year in this grape-popping ceremony. This is followed by grand, spectacular display of fireworks in the sky. Have you seen the designs of necklaces, geometrical shapes, animals, and brightly colored sparkling glitter in the sky? Whole crowd cheers after every design. After that there is dance and music on the streets all night. I want to go but how to take permission from Madam? Pedro says I can sneak out, he will help me, this will be a secret between us. Madam need not know, he says

Dear Didi   date 14th February 2013
Since last one week I cannot stop my tears from falling. I have terrible cold and am sniffing all day. My bones ache while I do the housework. I think my body is also very warm. Madam is also ignoring me. Our neighbor told Madam that Pedro comes home everyday when she is not at home. Madam started abusing me. She has warned me that she will send me back to India if Pedro does not stop coming to the house. She has warned Pedro too. She told him to just drop letters in the mailbox and not to ring the doorbell. Pedro is not afraid of her. He still rings the doorbell and talks to me. Today he sent me a bouquet and box of chocolate to wish me a Valentines’ day. Madam is very angry. I don’t know what to do.

Dear Didi                  16th June 2013
Didi, I am pregnant. It was an accident. I cannot go to the doctor with Pedro secretly. I will have to ask Madam to help me with an abortion. Pedro says he cannot marry me. He says we are just friends.

Dear Didi                   15th August
I have just finished packing my bags. The air tickets are lying on the table. I want to inform you that I will reach India at 1am on 18th August. Do note down my flight no 3789 Iberia airlines. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. But I think it is better this way. I don’t like working for Madam anymore. She can never be my friend, ever. She will not allow me to work anywhere else. Moreover, Pedro is just a friend; it was difficult to have a proper conversation with him in Spanish. Madam says that such kind of relationship cannot last long. I think I will be happier in India living amongst my own people. The good thing is that now I will be called foreign return. I am sure I will get a better job. Life must go on. See you soon.

PS: The above story is written in epistolary writing format - prose or poetry written as a series of documents. According to Wikipedia, the usual form is letters, although diary entries, newspaper clippings and other documents are sometimes used. Recently, electronic "documents" such as recordings and radio, blogs, and e-mails have also come into use.

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Thank U for this award
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