Thursday, August 11, 2016


They walk with me
at my pace
through desert sand
and prickling stones
There is laughter
joy, bliss in store
although I sulk silly
down the road
My friendship is not
like frozen water
that melts away
with soft sun stroke
It stays strong
Precious for many years.
shining brightly
like uncut stone
Friends for me are
soul mates for life,
Those who know me
have survived.
Weak ones I left them
far behind.
In maze of thorns
of different kind
True friends those still around.
they for sure can last life time
I thank them for being by my side
For being important chunk
of my life

Monday, July 25, 2016

Strings of Attachment

Strings of attachment 
all they bring is pain
when they snap off connection
leaving the loose ends
entangled at finger tips
no love remains.......

Cuss Words

Cuss words
uttered carelessly
is no step to publicity
You might think
it being your superiority 
to relegate people
under feet and dust
but humility has always
been the winner
words laced with love.....

Guru Purnima

My Lord resides in my soul
my saviour, my guide
leading me towards path
of happiness and bliss
Attracting only the blessed souls
that enhances my life
Happy Guru Punam
to good souls surrounding me
I am because you are....

Monday, July 04, 2016

Think Positive On A Rainy Day

Cold and dank room at midday
Wet clothes spread on floor and bed
Sun hides behind heavy clouds
Sheets of rain 
Slippery ground
Friend sends a message
"Are you doing good?"
I complain "Bad rainy day"
"Use no negative words
Not even for rain" she writes back
Not that rain troubles me
I stay comfortable
Lying on bed
staring at sky
Through my window
criss crossed with grill
But down there on busy street
I hear non stop beeps
Of cars, buses, ambulance,lorries jeeps
Two wheelers might zig zag
Through maze with speed
But four wheelers wait impatiently
I feel their frustration in traffic jam
I am sure there is water logging somewhere, 
or a pothole, 
a broken pavement, 
a path covered with fungus green or 
on a footpath a missing slab
People trying a balancing act, 
somebody must have missed their step, 
fell on their knees, 
broke an ankle, 
bruised their limb
Patients flock to hospitals
With illness more serious than a sneeze
"Use no negative words" 
says my friend
I look on this dark day for positivity
Doctors happy, their biz is good
City continues to be crippled by heavy rains

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Self Imposed Curfew

Under self imposed curfew
enclosed within four walls
I watch the rain drops drip
The sheet blotting the world
I shift my gaze
Beyond the pages of my book
Cold air carressing my skin
Skies tear apart with rumbling sounds
Light gnashes its sparkling teeth
Days shall pass bit by bit
Till  health returns to pink
Its just I, me, myself
and crawling words on the net

Imaginations round up
of far away birds and clan
that glide down the rainbow
into mysterious ramp

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sindhi Refugees

These men got to go
Declared enemies
So they packed their bags
And became refugees

They crossed  borders in shame
Over dispute of two countries
Coldness between India Pakisthan
Divided all Sindhis

Gold coins, crockery,
Luxuries of happy homes
Vultures of the land
Looted their hard earned money

Holes in their soles
Forced to live in open tents
They dined in community kitchens
Just rice, lentils, bread

Dignity had to be earned
For pride to return
A new life was chalked
For them to start all over

They up-toned their muscles
To begin from scratch
No map to follow
There was no going back.

On streets, railways, footpaths
On every unclaimed land
They spread their merchandise
Began to sell their wares.

Night and day, day and night
They toiled under harsh weather
Framed inside faith
Wrapped in cloak of self respect

Inch by inch,  hard work
Yielded good results
Sixty years after migration
Sindhis are everywhere

Offering hand of compassion
They lift their families up
Sindhis, the philanthropist
Helping every common man

Building schools, hospitals
Doing unselfish work
Communities, friends, families
Share their extra wealth

Hardwork pays,
Lady luck smiles
Wheels of fortune
Turns around

Dot by dot,  chain by chain
They learnt to survive
Third generation of
Migrant Sindhis
Winners of the game

Fore fathers
Faced much hardship
With stickers of refugees
on their backs
Scion of refugee men
Champs in present world

Friday, May 20, 2016


Suicide 1

I want to commit suicide
Walk over to a different world
Natural death might take me to heaven
But suicide is a sure shot hell
Send me a poison
You experimenting with
I am willing to taste
Much corruption now,
Every product adulterer
Always disappointing
Were I to die
Famous you could be
For having reached a new milestone
of producing better stuff
World would rejoice
For having product
That really kills
A suicide note
I will leave
with poison name
that works

Suicide note 2
If you find me still
No breath under my chest
Understand I am gone
Dont panic
And thrust me in an ambulance
Like pizza in the oven
Stay cool
I have my will neatly
Filed and folded
In the lower
Shelf of kitchen cabinet

Some recipes, tried and tested
Few bottles of sauces, herbs
Steel pots and pans, brand new 
Up in the loft, they stand
Had even bought ceramic knives
Thought I would use some day
You inherit them all
Its my parting gift for you

Cooked Briyani sits in fridge, 
Feast for those who may come to mourn
Few pickles that will last 
Few days or maybe months
You may taste them all
But remember to clean up 
After you are done
The maid may not return
She too ate the poison that you wanted to experiment on me

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Poetry in April #Poem 25

There are the rich
The poor
The families cling to tradition
The sons compelled
Urge their members
To hold certain beliefs
A family live to uphold anarchism
Theories and beliefs handed down
Assume the dignity of blood laws
The levelling tradition is dead level of equality
Not a man of the family has been
Whole-souled, single-purposed labor man
The man of the family is actually
The woman.
Poetry form:Erasure..
Source text ‘Youth Challenges’ by Clerence B Kelland

Poetry in April #Poem 24

Soon you will be off those trees
On to our dinner plates
Now you are green 
So I wait
Till you begin to blush
As you approach your maturiy
Your flesh- juicy and succullent
You will be a delight
When I chop you to pieces
And enjoy it with my meal

Ah ‪#‎Mangoes‬
I am eyeing you from my kitchen window


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