Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hate - Useless Emotion

Hate is a strong word, 
nobody is born with this emotion, 
it is learnt with wrong assumptions and bleak perception. 
The poison of hate is so strong 
that when nurtured, 
it builds up till it ends
 in flames 
killing the very soul 
that nourished it..

love, on other hand.. 
is calm, 
peaceful and

hate is everywhere....
ready to take weak within its fold......
feeding on ego, anger and pride...
building an army 
to spread.pain..

Monday, January 18, 2016

Gift Of Love

With every knit and purl
You weave a rug of love, 
Your thoughts revolve 
around person 
for whom you had wished the warmth
The hand that makes a gift
has sentimental value 
at its start
it may have cost just a penny 
but its worth is million hearts.....

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Being Fearless

Being fearless brings freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.

Why be afraid of people judging you, 
Of doing things to please others 
At the cost of making yourself uncomfortable, 
Losing your identity, 
Your own peace of mind.?

People will gag you, 
take you on guilt trips 
if you give them power to steer your life

As long as you have your own judgement, 
your own presence of mind, 
your own liberty of doing things right, 
it matters not what others will think.

Being yourself is the only path to happiness......

Monday, December 14, 2015

Salman Khan Verdict

With teary eyes
Verdict they watch on small screen
Mother and son
Justice not done
When money talks
Demons walks
Who can punish
an idol icon tag
There are celebrations at home
of popular man
greeting exchanged
on glass of beer
new projects will begin
blockbusters and success
More money will roll
in rich man's hands
What a clever man
no sword can touch
if you know the tact
of stretching loose ends
long arms of law
are not too long
to reach the injured souls
of dusty lands
Being human
the least he could do
is upgrade the family
of the perished man

One Day We Will Have Residential Home For Mentally Challenged

Soon, very soon,
We will acquire a piece of land
in Kharghar, NaviMumbai
where we hope to built
a residential home for Special children,
With parents dead, siblings busy
They will have no one who really cares
Special Children
Forever they remain
an innocent child
with feeble mind
although their body grows
like stronger man.
Who will care for those children?
Who has time to spare?
Who will add smile when they feel lonely and bare?.
We will
We want to
We have a team who care and share
Sheltered workshops, safe envirnoment,
professional health care
The future holds good...
but first the funds.
without money one can never
realise dreams that are tough
Praying hard
that we are able to collect
enough funds
May Lord send us
who can help us
to buy that piece of land.....

Rain God

Wrote this poem when city of Chennai was paralysed by heavy rains

Rain God
You are one angry child
Who knows not to be
Within limited bounds
Few showers now and then, when shed
Is always a welcome change
You pour like crazy, days and nights
Soak up all comfort with unlimited range
I wish I could push your clouds
And steer it to some drier planes
Bring relief to those troubled souls
Who slept not for several days


The salesman at the store
knows not
who the real clients are
pays more attention to a well dressed woman
in branded clothes
answering all her stupid questions
while the common man
looking at each merchandise
evaluating its worth
does he need it?
can he afford it
the thoughts churn in his mind
against all odds
to buy or not to buy
with nobody to guide him
he finally makes up his mind
picks up the object
pays at the cash register
The salesman still stands explaining
the value of the article
to the woman
who had come
just to while away her time

Why Complain

We are born into this world to enjoy happiness and universe tries to provide us all...
the birds come chirping in the morning..
the flowers bloom under sunshine..
moonlight comes to bring us a peaceful sleep..
but if we still prefer to complain n bathe under self pity.
.what can anybody do???

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mobile Mania

When I stared at my phone uselessly
I walked into a different world
Saw not the world pass by
Nor heard the whispers
and the sounds of loved one

They were
anxiously waiting to converse with me

I lost the precious moment
I was too busy
in the virtual world

Of my own

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Some thoughts on Independence

Independence is that you speak your mind 
without any fear
be self reliant, 
be able to carry your own cross.

Independence is to recognize other people rights 
stop judging them for their weakness and 
their differences 
because you will never know 
what that person is going through, 
why he behaves in that particular manner.

Independence means that you continue 
to follow the right path and 
follow your heart. 
There is no need to get influenced and 
change your path in order 
to please others.

Independence is to live and let live........

Happy Independence day!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birthday Cake

Birthday cake
sweet and soft
lights up the twinkle
in the child's eye
What excites him more?
the candles that stand
like soldiers
with orange flickering cap
that vanishes with
a whiff of wind from his throat
or is he happy with musical sounds
like magic band
in rhythm
with a birthday song?
He squeals with joy
as he slices up pieces
of soft flesh
and relishes the strawberry
n chocolate flavor
his contented face so infectious
that I wish there was a
reason to celebrate
with a piece of cake

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